Dear Friends:


Every night at 7 p.m., the sound of joyous applause echoes throughout neighborhoods in New York City. New Yorkers open their windows, and clap and cheer. 


We cheer for the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line every day during this crisis.


During this challenging time, I'm so inspired by their bravery, as well as by the countless acts of love and generosity on display throughout our City. 


New Yorkers are at our best in times of adversity. That's why I know we will make it through this stronger than ever.


To each and every one of you: thank you. Whether it's by practicing social distancing, checking on a neighbor, or supporting a cause, you are all doing your part to help get us through this. 


Below is my weekly list of resources and information that I hope you will find helpful. Please let us know of other resources that we should include in future newsletters.


Chag Sameach to those of you celebrating Passover this week. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. 


In service,
Corey Johnson
New York City Council

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T   A   B   L   E      O   F     C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S



Reminder: Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “New York State on PAUSE” executive order is in effect until April 29. Click here to review the full executive order.


Stay Informed


Text ’COVID’ to 692-692 to receive updates on the latest developments with coronavirus in New York City. For updates in Spanish, text ’COVIDESP’ to 692-692.


For updates from NY State, text ‘NEW YORK’ to 81336. You may also sign up for updates through the State’s website.


Alternate Side Parking


Alternate Side Parking has been suspended for an additional two weeks. The suspension is in effect through April 28.


Social Distancing Violations


If you see people violating social distancing orders, please call 311.


Seeking Medical Care


If New Yorkers have questions on finding medical care, they may call 311. Please do not call 911 unless you are experiencing a true emergency.


Health + Hospitals


NYC Health + Hospitals has changed their visitor policy due to COVID-19. Click here to find the most up-to-date information.


H + H has also launched an at-home COVID-19 text message-based symptom monitoring platform for discharged Emergency Department (ED) patients. This text platform is meant for individuals who have been discharged from the ED, are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, and do not require admission to the hospital. Once signed up, patients will receive text messages every 12 to 24 hours to assess their symptoms. If you report escalating symptoms, you will receive a follow-up call from a care team member and admitted to the hospital, if necessary. Currently, the platform is available in English and Spanish, with plans to include 14 more languages.


NYS Department of Health


The NYS Department of Health has published guidelines relating to hospital visitations during COVID-19.


Funeral and Burial Guidance


Click here for an FAQ page on guidance for funerals and burials. This website goes over services, religious traditions, and how to apply for a death certificate during COVID-19.


Last week, Speaker Corey Johnson and Council Member Francisco Moya called for emergency funding for final resting arrangements for New Yorkers who can’t afford services. This should be open to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. Click here to read the full press release.


The NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) is offering burial assistance for any individuals who are in need of assistance to meet funeral expenses. New York City residents may be eligible to receive up to $900 in financial assistance to help pay for funeral expenses.


NYC Sanitation


Do your part to keep our city healthy, safe, and clean! Do NOT leave gloves/masks on sidewalks, streets, or on top of collection material. Place used items in a securely tied trash bag for collection.


Report Discrimination


If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, or witness an incident due to race, national origin, or other identities, please call 311 or file a complaint online with the NYC Commission on Human Rights.


You may also call the New York State Hate Crimes Task Force if you have been involved in a hate crime by calling (888) 392-3644.


The NYS Division of Human Rights has informational flyers on discrimination related to COVID-19.


Report Price Gouging


Price gouging is illegal for any item or service needed to limit the spread of COVID-19. If you believe a store increased the price of specific items, please call 311 and say “Overcharge” or file a complaint online. You may also file a complaint form with the Office of the NYS Attorney General.




The Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) has created a FAQ page that is updated frequently with new information regarding the care of animals during this pandemic. Additionally, ACC is encouraging all individuals with pets to create a plan for their pets in case they are hospitalized. You can find more information about creating a plan here. Requests submitted by mail must be postmarked by June 16, 2020.


Absentee Voting


The Presidential Primary and Special Elections scheduled for April 28, 2020, have been rescheduled to June 23, 2020. Per Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order, New Yorkers can vote by mail in the June 23, 2020, election by requesting an absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, click here for more information from the NYC Campaign Finance Board. Requests submitted by mail must be postmarked by June 16, 2020.


To sign up for election reminders from NYC Votes text ’VoteSmart’ to (917) 979-6377 or click here.




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GetFood NYC Program for Seniors


The City has created the GetFoodNYC food delivery program to provide food for COVID-19 vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers not currently served through existing food delivery programs. Seniors seeking meal delivery should make the GetFoodNYC website their first stop, or call 311 and reach out to their local senior center.


Webinars from OATS


Through their Senior Planet program, Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) is offering webinars to seniors on a wide range of topics, including: how to use Zoom, how to access online health resources, and how to protect your online information. Click here for more information.


Service Program for Older People (SPOP)


SPOP is providing older adults with approved tele-health connections for behavioral health care. For a full list of services, please visit SPOP's website or call 212-787-7120 (ext. 514).


Caring Calls from DOROT


For seniors who would like to connect with others, Caring Calls will match you with vetted adult volunteers for weekly phone calls. To register, call DOROT at 212-769-2850 or email


COVID-19 and HIV


The NYS Department of Health and the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene have provided information regarding COVID-19 and how it might impact those living with HIV.


COVID-19 and Diabetes


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has an FAQ page for individuals with diabetes. The ADA is asking individuals to pay attention to potential COVID-19 symptoms, including: fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. Call your doctor if you feel you are developing symptoms.


NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA)


DFTA offers a Friendly Visiting Program for older adults. Through this program, they pair older adults with volunteers who can do in-home visits. For more information, please click here.




SAGE has a volunteer program that connects volunteers with LGBTQ+ seniors to help combat social isolation.




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Protecting Essential Workers


On April 12, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an executive order directing employers to provide essential workers with cloth or surgical masks, free of charge, to wear when directly interacting with the public.


Regional Enrichment Center (RECs) Expansion


The NYC Department of Education (DOE) has expanded Regional Enrichment Center eligibility for all essential personnel in New York City with no other means of childcare. Click here for more information and an FAQ section. Click here to enroll with the DOE. If eligible, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment status and next steps within 48 hours.


Mental Health Care for Frontline COVID-19 Workers


The NYC COVID Worker Care Network is a self-organizing mutual aid network of more than 2,000 mental health workers, spiritual care providers, circle-keepers, and community builders supporting frontline COVID workers during this evolving crisis. Any person working to support the fight against COVID-19 in New York is eligible to receive support - sign-up through their website by clicking here. Follow the network on Facebook for updates, or reach out to with any questions. If you are an employee of an NYC Heath + Hospitals (H+H) facility, talk to your administrator about mental health resources offered by H+H.


Marriott and Hilton Hotels: Offering Free Hotel Rooms


Two mega hotel chains, Marriott and Hilton, are offering free rooms for healthcare workers. Marriott’s program, “Rooms for Responders”, was launched on April 8. Beginning the week of April 13, Hilton rooms will be available to doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and other frontline medical staff without charge.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration Resources


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is providing information for workers and employers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here for more information.




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New York Lawyers for Public Interest (NYLPI)


NYLPI, a leading civil rights advocacy organization, has compiled information and resources. NYLPI has committed to serving New Yorkers directly impacted by COVID-19.

  • If you are an individual or family seeking assistance, click here.
  • If you are a nonprofit organization seeking help, click here.

Click here to learn more about NYLPI.


Domestic Abuse Resources

Reproductive Health Services:


General Guidance


Sexual and reproductive healthcare, including but not limited to abortion, is considered essential in the State of New York. If you need birth control, emergency contraception, abortion, or other reproductive healthcare, please contact your provider -- many (but not all) services can be done via telemedicine. Additionally, if you need abortion care and cannot afford it, resources like the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) can help with the cost of the procedure. 


Planned Parenthood of Greater New York


Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) is offering virtual appointments where individuals can video-conference and chat with clinicians. PPGNY is offering a range of sexual and reproductive health care services. Additionally, PPGNY’s centers remain open in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens for essential abortion care, IUD implants and removals, and STI testing and treatment. You can view all of PPGNY’s services or book an appointment online or by calling 1-800-230-PLAN.


Lawyers for Good Government Foundation (L4GG)


Lawyers for Good Government Foundation (L4GG), a non-profit network of more than 125,000 legal advocates with lawyers in all 50 states, announced the launch of its Small Business Remote Legal Clinic, offering pro bono legal consultations for small business owners to help them understand and act upon the options available under the COVID-19 stimulus package and other grant and loan programs that may be available to them. The pilot program will launch in New York City shortly in partnership with the City Bar Justice Center, and will expand to additional cities across the country in the weeks ahead.


Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City (NHSNYC)


NHSNYC is offering one-on-one counseling during COVID-19 to help empower New Yorkers financially and through affordable lending. Click here to fill out a request form.


Coalition for the Homeless


Coalition for the Homeless has created a special crisis hotline for individuals who are in immediate need of shelter or other critical needs. Call 212-776-2177 for more information.


Covenant House


Covenant House continues to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering housing and supportive services to youth who are experiencing homelessness. Please visit their website or call 212-613-0300 for more information.




The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has put in place measures to provide financial relief to veterans. For more information on the financial relief programs, please click here.


Financial Counseling


The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is offering free one-on-one financial counseling through the NYC Financial Empowerment Center. Through this service, you can receive help and advice on how to manage bills and student loans, save for essentials, and create a budget. To make an appointment, click here.


NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)


OASAS is working to support New Yorkers currently seeking addiction support. They have created a flyer, which contains information for individuals looking for help. To find a recovery or open access center, please click here. You can also call New York State’s Hopeline to help find resources and support at 1-877-846-7369 or by texting 467369.




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Speaker Johnson and Mayor de Blasio - Emergency Funding for Food Providers


Speaker Corey Johnson and Mayor de Blasio announced $25 million in emergency funding to help emergency food providers across NYC. Speaker Johnson noted that this funding will help pay for over 19 million meals.


New York Common Pantry


New York Common Pantry, one of the city's largest food pantries and soup kitchens, is welcoming new clients for intake at their 8 E. 109th Street site from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Saturday. Food distribution hours are between 10 AM and 2 PM, Wednesday through Saturday. Hot lunches are provided from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. "Brown Bag" distribution is from 4 PM to 5 PM on weekends. They've also added a seniors-only (age 60+) food distribution on Mondays from 10 AM to 2 PM. Email or call (917) 720-9700 for more information.


Food Bank for New York City


Food Bank for New York City has an interactive map , where you can locate a soup kitchen, food pantry, senior center, or SNAP enrollment site near you.


NYC Food Delivery Assistance


Individuals and families who meet all of the criteria below are eligible for free food delivery:

  1. No member of the household is able to go outside to get food.
  2. There are no neighbors or family members who live outside of the home who can pick up food.
  3. The individual or families do not receive meal assistance from other organizations such as Meals on Wheels or God’s Love We Deliver.
  4. The household is unable to afford other meal or grocery delivery programs.

Every food order will contain two days' worth of meals, so four meals per person in the household. Click here to learn more.


Citymeals on Wheels Response to COVID-19


Citymeals along with partner community based organizations delivered approximately 25,000 meals last week, bringing total meals delivered to 250,000 meals during this crisis. Citymeals continues to support home delivered meal partner organizations throughout the City, in senior-supportive housing, NYCHA residences, and congregate senior centers.


Click here for more information if you are temporarily homebound due to COVID-19.




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SMART Recovery and AA


Many individuals who have problems with addiction are now confined in their homes, often with little to do and alone. Help is available through online meetings provided by SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous. Both organizations are offering mutual support meetings that are free and open to anyone seeking to abstain from addictive behavior.




BIGVISION, an organization offering support to young adults (ages 18-35) who are currently in recovery from drug and alcohol use and living sober lives, is offering free virtual social events. These events include hangouts, cooking demonstrations, and game nights. Click here for more information and to register for these events.


NAMI NYC Mental Health Resources


In times of crisis, having support you can count on is vitally important. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), is continuing to offer mental health resources.  NAMI offers a variety of support resources to help you or a loved one with general or COVID-related mental health concerns. Their help line continues to be available as a source of information and support. You can call them from 10 AM to 6 PM at (212) 684-3264 or email


If you reach their voicemail, please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.




NY State is partnering with Headspace to provide New Yorkers with free meditation and mindfulness resources. We can't underestimate the impact that this public health crisis has on mental health. New Yorkers can access a collection of free guided meditations, along with at-home mindfulness exercises and additional resources, to help address rising stress and anxiety.


Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center


The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center continues to remain open Monday through Saturday. All young people, aged 10 - 22, can access free comprehensive health services. For more information, please visit their website or call 212-423-3000.


Trevor Project


The Trevor Project has a toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. Trained counselors are available through this national hotline 24/7. To reach the hotline, please call 1-866-488-7386.




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On April 11, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard A. Carranza announced that New York City public school buildings will not reopen for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. They also stated that teachers and students will finish the school year in remote learning, and that the NYC Department of Education’s (DOE) meal hubs and Regional Enrichment Centers will continue to operate. However, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that no decision has been made about schools. We will continue to update you on this important issue as we learn about the final outcome.

If your child requires a device for remote learning, click here to visit the DOE’s iPad distribution website for more information. Additionally, the DOE’s ‘Learn at Home’ website has activities and exercises for all students (grades k-12).


Click here for updates from DOE as they become available.


2020 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Suspended 


Due to COVID-19, the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development has announced the suspension of SYEP 2020. If you have further questions about SYEP, please contact NYC Youth Connect at (800)-246-4646 or by email


Wi-Fi Access


Charter is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to those who do not already have a subscription and have a student in K-12 and/or college students living in the household. To learn more or to enroll, please call (844) 488-8395.




Chancellor Matos Rodriguez has announced the following CUNY-wide updates as a result of COVID-19:

The following are steps CUNY has taken in response COVID-19 to assist students navigating extraordinary circumstances.

  • Laptops: Students in need of a laptop to continue distance learning may request one through their school here.
  • Credit/No Credit: Due to the transition to distance learning, students have the option to convert any or all of the letter grades they earn this semester to Credit/No Credit grading. To learn more about this option, click here.
  • Dormitory Fees: Dormitory Fees will be credited to continuing students and refunded to students set to graduate. Click here to learn more about this refund policy.
  • Student Activity Fees: CUNY will waive 25% of the spring semester ‘Student Activity Fee’ for students enrolled in CUNY colleges on a 15-week calendar and 50% for students enrolled in CUNY colleges on a 12-week or six-week calendar. Click here to learn more about this refund policy.

Click here to visit CUNY’s continuity page, which provides resources, tools, and tips for students.




SUNY students are encouraged to refer to SUNY’s Community Response to COVID-19 page for the most up-to-date information.


Student Loan Relief Plan


Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an agreement with New York's largest student loan providers to grant relief for borrowers experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. The Student Loan Relief Plan includes: 90 days of deferred monthly payments; waived late fees; no negative reporting to credit agencies; and more. Click here to learn more.


U.S. Department of Education - Office of Federal Student Aid


The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid has created an FAQ page. You can find resources related to default loans, the 0 percent interest period, and general loan questions.


Sesame Street


Sesame Street has created a guide to assist parents in talking to their children about COVID-19. Additionally, they have a website with coloring pages, videos, and information to help parents teach their children how to wash their hands.




PBS published an article with helpful information about how to discuss COVID-19 with your children. They have also included resources with helpful tools to get your child to practice healthy habits.


Disney Family Workouts


Disney is offering free Disney-inspired themed family workouts. They feature workouts to Disney classics such as Peter Pan and The Incredibles.


Child Mind Institute


The Child Mind Institute is offering two webinars for individuals to learn how to deal with and manage stress during this crisis. The first webinar is designed for parents and caretakers to learn how to manage stress due to COVID-19. The second webinar is for mental health providers and is aimed at helping them provide support to students as they cope with learning from afar.


New York Public Library (NYPL)


NYPL is offering remote learning resources for students and parents while their branches are closed. These resources include academic support, as well as reading resources and engaging activities to do at home. Resources for students range from Pre-k through high school. Click here for more information. There are also resources for educators available on this page. 

Click here to visit NYPL’s home page for more information and resources.


Queens Public Library (QPL)


While library branches continue to remain closed, QPL has created a QPLatHome: Our Digital Resources guide for students, parents, and everyone in between! Check out an eBook, stream videos, enjoy Facebook Live storytimes and more!


Virtual Homework Help is available for children (ages 6-12) through QPL via Brainfuse HelpNow. Live online tutoring is available in multiple subjects, including math, science, reading/writing, social studies and more.


Click here to visit QPL’s home page for more information and resources.


Brooklyn Public Library (BPL)


While library branches continue to remain closed, BPL has compiled remote resources for cardholders in response to COVID-19. Enjoy e-books and magazines, learn a new language, and more! Additional resources are available for children and teens.


Click here to visit BPL’s home page for more information and resources.




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311 Hotline for NYC Tenants


For tenants struggling to pay rent during COVID-19, Mayor de Blasio announced a five-borough hotline through 311 to help educate tenants about their rights and sources of rent relief.


Rent Freeze Program (SCRIE and DRIE)


The NYC Department of Finance has created an FAQ page for those who are part of the Rent Freeze Program, which includes the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) Program and the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE). To find out if you qualify for the Rent Freeze Program under SCRIE or DRIE, please click here.


Please note, that if you are submitting your application for SCRIE or DRIE, you should mail your application to the address listed on the application and NOT to 59 Maiden Lane.


New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Guidance and Resources


NYCHA has created an FAQ page with guidance and resources for public housing residents during COVID-19. If you need to request emergency repairs, call the Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771 or use the My NYCHA app.


NYCHA’s ‘Rent Hardship’ program is continuing to allow individuals to request a reduction in their rent due to financial loss. You may initiate this request through an interim recertification.


Mobilization for Justice: Tenants’ Rights During COVID-19


Mobilization for Justice (MFJ) has compiled a fact sheet on tenants’ rights. MFJ has also increased intake for their housing hotline to address concerns during COVID-19. 


Telephone intake: Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • For Tenants in Manhattan and Brooklyn: (212) 417-3888
  • For Tenants in the Bronx: (212) 417-3889

For additional services from Mobilization for Justice, click here.


MET Council on Housing


The MET Council on Housing has a tenants’ rights hotline, which is free of charge, for any tenant living in New York City. Click here for more information and FAQs.


Telephone intake: (212) 979-0611

  • Monday: 1:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 1:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Please note that the MET Council on Housing is staffed by volunteer members and does not provide any legal advice.




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NYS Department of Labor


The New York State Department of Labor‘s (DOL) online filing system has hired new staff and upgraded its system in an effort to better serve New Yorkers. You may file your claim any day of the week (Monday-Sunday) from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM (Eastern Time).


The DOL will contact New Yorkers who have already filed partial claims under the old unemployment insurance system. Since DOL staff are working from home, their call may show up as private or restricted. If you receive a private or restricted call, you can verify that the individual is a staff member from the DOL by asking them to verify their identity and provide the date you filed your application and what type of claim you filed.


Pandemic Unemployment Assistance


The DOL released a helpful graphic that shows who is eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Click here to confirm your eligibility. If you would like to file a claim, please do so here


Unemployment Insurance


Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New Yorkers on unemployment insurance will receive an additional $600. Additionally, the period covered by unemployment has been extended by an additional 13 weeks. As a result, individuals are now covered for 39 weeks. For more information, please refer to the DOL’s website.


Community Service Society: MCCAP


The Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program (MCCAP) can help constituents in many ways - including how to use their health insurance, accessing low-cost healthcare, applying for hospital financial assistance, resolving medical billing issues, and appealing coverage denials. Call the MCCAP helpline Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM at (888) 614-5400. All services are free.




All active cases within New York City will be extended. No Medicaid case within New York City will be closed for failure to renew or provide documentation. If your case is closed for failure to renew or provide documentation and you had Medicaid coverage on or after March 18, 2020, your case will be reopened and all coverage will be restored. Renewals of Medicaid will be extended for 12 months. Click here for more information.


Additionally, former SSI recipients and any discontinued Temporary Assistance or Medicaid cases that require a separate Medicaid eligibility determination will have their Medicaid coverage extended with no renewal or redeterminations required.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the following individuals are eligible to submit a Medicaid application via fax to (917) 639-0732

  1. New York City residents over the age of 65.
  2. Those living with a disability or blindness.
  3. Those in receipt of Medicare and are not a parent or caretaker relative of minor children.
  4. Young adults under the age of 26 who were formerly in foster care.

Applicants who are not included in the categories above can submit an application through the New York State of Health here or by calling (855) 355-5777.




Through May 15, health insurance enrollment is open for uninsured New Yorkers as part of a Special Enrollment Period. Click here to enroll or call 311 for free enrollment assistance. You may also text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC in Spanish) to 877877 to be connected to a GetCoveredNYC Specialist.




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CAMBA, Inc. is in urgent need of essential workers who can provide critical services for their shelter programs. CAMBA offers over 160 programs to more than 65,000 individuals at 95 locations across New York City. In their shelter program specifically, they offer clients a supportive and structured environment where they can successfully transition adults and families into permanent and supportive housing.

CAMBA has openings for the following positions:

  1. Maintenance Workers - all locations and shifts.
  2. Security Guards - all locations and shifts.
  3. Shift Supervisors - all locations and shifts.
  4. Residential Aides - all location and shifts.
  5. Social Worker (LMSW and LSCW) - all locations and shifts.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email your resume to


Health + Hospitals


NYC Health + Hospitals is hiring 500 non-clinical staff. No medical background is required to apply. Jobs are available to help with patient transport, clerical work, and cleaning. If you are interested in learning more or applying, please click here.


TLC Driver Meal Delivery


The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), in partnership with the City of New York, has created the GetFoodNYC Food Delivery Program to provide food for food-insecure New Yorkers or those who have been impacted by COVID-19.


TLC-licensed drivers are being asked to participate and deliver food to New Yorkers who must stay home. Drivers will receive $15 per hour, plus reimbursement for mileage and tolls. Click here to review eligibility and sign up. For more information, click here to visit TLC’s website.


VOLS Unemployed Workers Project


Originally formed in 2008, the Volunteers of Legal Service Unemployed Workers Project has relaunched in response to the COVID-19 crisis. They are providing free advice to low-wage, unemployed workers in New York State who are seeking to access government benefits, as well as updates as state and federal rules change.

You can call the Unemployed Workers Project hotline at (347) 521-5720 or fill out an interest form.


National Retail Federation


The National Retail Federation has compiled a list of all retailers hiring individuals during this pandemic. Click here for a full list of companies that are hiring.


Artist Relief Fund


To support artists, Artist Relief, a coalition of grantmakers in the arts, is distributing grants to those facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19. Click here for FAQs, such as eligibility, selection, and disbursement. Click here to apply.




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Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities


The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) has compiled a list of resources for individuals with disabilities. You can find detailed information on topics ranging from housing, transportation, education, and social services. You can also contact MOPD by (voice) phone at 212-788-2830 or by (video) phone at 646-396-5830. Additionally, you can fill out MOPD’s Feedback Form to receive answers to any questions or concerns you may have.


Hospital Guidelines


Patients who are admitted to the hospital and for whom a support person has been essential to their care are permitted to have one support person in the emergency room during hospitalization. Those patients who are hospitalized for a prolonged period of time may designate two support people; however, only one may be present in the room at a time. You can find more information here.


CDC Information


The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) released information pertaining to people with disabilities during this pandemic. Information is available on how to prepare and protect yourself from COVID-19.


Access-A-Ride Paratransit


Per the MTA’s “Essential Service Plan”, there are no shared paratransit rides in accordance with public health guidelines. You may still travel with a personal care attendant or guest. Stay home if your travel is not absolutely necessary. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are displaying flu-like symptoms, do not use Paratransit service. Click here for more information.




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The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) is celebrating #ImmigrantHeritageWeek between April 13-19. NYC thanks immigrants serving our communities in the wake of COVID-19.




NYC will provide medical care regardless of your immigration status and your ability to pay. If you need help finding a doctor or seeking medical care, call 311.

  • Seeking or using healthcare services related to COVID-19 will NOT impact your ability to apply for a green card or citizenship. The Public Charge rule does NOT consider use of COVID-19 related health care services, even if the services are Medicaid-funded.
  • New Yorkers who have concerns or questions about public health benefits and immigration can call ActionNYC for more information.



ActionNYC, a partnership between MOIA and the City University of New York, is continuing to provide legal help to New Yorkers remotely. Click here to learn more.


ActionNYC provides the following services:

  • Free legal screenings to find out if you qualify for services.
  • Free legal assistance with the following cases:
    • Citizenship
    • Green card Applications and Renewals
    • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
    • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and more!

To make an appointment, please call (800) 354-0365 Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM (or call 311 and say ‘ActionNYC’). Please note you must make an appointment to receive services.


CUNY Citizenship Now!


If you require assistance with an application, CUNY Citizenship Now is continuing to serve New Yorkers remotely. Please note that assistance with applications will be limited to green card renewals, citizenship, DACA, and TPS. All other applications will resume when offices reopen.


For general questions, please call (646) 664-9400. You may also text (929) 334-3784 or email


New York Immigrant Family Unity Project


The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP) is continuing to serve detained immigrant New Yorkers during COVID-19. If you need emergency legal support for an individual in detention, please call (347) 778-1266 for the Bronx Defenders, (718) 254-0700 for Brooklyn Defender Services, or (844) 955-3425 for the Legal Aid Society.


Organization for Culture of Hispanic Origin (OCHO)


OCHO aims to provide education and support to Hispanic communities. They have

updated their website to include information about COVID-19, both in the immediate future and beyond. Click here for more information.


New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) Information and Resources on COVID-19


New Yorkers looking for up-to-date information about how COVID-19 affects NYC residents can find comprehensive information, including information on health, education, immigration, legal and social services, and civic engagement here. One-pagers and community toolkits are available in additional languages. NYIC has also launched their NY United Fund, which will provide grants to member organizations struggling to meet the challenges created by COVID-19, and distribute funds directly to low-income immigrant New Yorkers to ensure that they can feed and house their families during this especially challenging time.


New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC) Resource Guide for NYers


NYSYLC has compiled a live document of resources in NYC around COVID19 support efforts. Resources are prioritized based on availability for undocumented New Yorkers.


Immigration Enforcement Resources through Immigrant Defense Project


If you or a loved one believe you have been a victim of an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raid or enforcement activity, you can call (212) 725-6422 to report the incident. Know-Your-Rights flyers in 15 languages are available here.




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The NYC Department of Finance (DOF) has information available for property owners during COVID-19. Click here for more information on current service changes and how to pay your taxes, tickets or apply for benefits online.


Property Tax and Interest Deferral (PT AID) Program


The Property Tax and Interest Deferral Program, or PT AID, allows eligible homeowners to defer their property tax payments or pay only a small percentage of their income. To learn more or to download an application, visit To request that a PT AID application be mailed to you, please call 311.


Center for NYC Neighborhoods


The Center for NYC Neighborhoods has created a list of resources for homeowners on topics ranging from scam protection, mortgage help, and rehab and retrofit help. You can find more information on their website.


Energy Assistance


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a program that helps low-income homeowners pay for utility and heating bills. Click here to apply to this program.


Displaying COVID-19 Flyers


Building owners and property managers that work with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) are being asked to display the most up to date flyers with information on COVID-19 throughout buildings. The most recent flyer was updated on March 15th and is available in 22 additional languages. Click here to review the flyer.




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Department of Consumer Affairs Licenses


The NYC Department of Consumer & Worker Protection is extending certain license expiration dates and renewal application deadlines. Click here for a comprehensive list of industries and deadlines.


Help with New Federal Loans for Small Business


A group at Columbia Law School, headed by Professor Tim Wu, is offering help for NYC's smallest small business (15 or fewer employees) who want to apply for the new COVID-19 relief federal loan programs for small business. They are offering pro bono help in applying for the payroll protection program (PPP) and disaster relief programs. If you could use some help, your business has 15 or fewer employees, is based in NYC, and doesn't have legal counsel on staff, email


Uptown Grand Central COVID-19 Guide


Uptown Grand Central, a nonprofit organization based out of Harlem, has compiled a Harlem Small Business Guide for dining, shopping and exercise options. This guide is updated daily, so be sure to check back.


If you own a small business and would like to be added, or if details have changed, email Contributions are also welcomed from crowdsourcing neighbors. 


Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)


The CARES Act provides funding for counseling and training to specifically assist MBDA clients. To find your local MBDA business center, click here.


Additional Resources for Small Businesses:


Facebook Small Business Grants


Facebook’s small business grant offers $100M in cash grants and ad credits. Click here for more eligibility and how to apply.


SBA Express Bridge Loans (EBL) Pilot Program


Through participating SBA Express Lenders, small businesses can access expedited SBA-guaranteed bridge loan or term loan financing up to $25,000. Click here for more information.




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Brooklyn Community Foundation Resources


Brooklyn Community Foundation has launched the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund hoping to provide immediate and long-term resources for residents across the borough. Click here for more information on grants from the fund. Please note that grants are being awarded on a rolling basis to address social, health and economic impacts in Brooklyn’s most vulnerable communities. 


Brooklyn Community Foundation has also compiled resources for CBOs addressing the impact of COVID-19 on nonprofits. This page will be updated regularly and provide free or low-cost resources for nonprofits.


NYN Media Webinar


NYN Media, a news source for New York’s nonprofits, is hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM on ‘Managing the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Nonprofit. Click here to register for this free webinar.


Click here for additional articles and resources for nonprofits from NYN Media.


Additional Resources for Nonprofits:


SBA COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program


The EIDL program provides small businesses and nonprofits with loans up to $2 million to help overcome temporary loss of revenue. Long-term repayment options, with interest rates not to exceed 3.75%. Click here for more information




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Riders Alliance COVID-19 Survey


The Riders Alliance is asking New Yorkers to fill out a survey on their mass transit experience during COVID-19. Click here for more information. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.


MTA Continues Implementing “Essential Service Plan”


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is continuing to provide service to essential workers under their “Essential Service Plan.” Click here for updates on subway and bus service. Please note that service on many lines is limited due to the health of crew members.


Below is a message from the MTA on ridership during COVID-19:


“Please: If you’re not traveling for work related to an Essential Business, or for urgent personal business like a medical appointment, do not use the subway or take the bus. We need to keep our limited capacity available for people who must travel.”


If you require mass transit, click here to check current service status before your trip. Additionally, you may report overcrowded subway lines and subway cars by calling 311.


Unlimited-Ride MetroCards


If you have not yet activated your Unlimited-Ride MetroCard, you can hold on to the card and start using it anytime until the expiration date listed on the back of the card. Unfortunately, once you start using your Unlimited-Ride MetroCard, it cannot be paused.


Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards


Any money you have on your Pay-Per-Ride full fare MetroCard will remain on the card until the expiration date on the back of the card. If you have money left on the card once it expires, you can transfer the balance to a new card at no additional cost. You can transfer any money left on a card for up to a year after the expiration date. Transfer of balances can be completed at a booth, a MetroCard Vending Machine, or by mailing it in to a MetroCard Customer Claims. No cash refund will be made for any value left of the card.


OMNY Rollout Update


Due to COVID-19, the MTA’s installation of OMNY is temporarily suspended. Resources and personnel are being used to execute service for New Yorkers. Click here for more information.




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NYC Parks Update


At this time, parks continue to remain open. NYC Parks is asking New Yorkers to take extra precautions when visiting to remain healthy and safe. Team sports, such as basketball, football and kickball are not permitted. Solo exercise is allowed, however, please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.


Park restrooms are open. Staff are cleaning restrooms daily with appropriate cleaning products to ensure they are fully disinfected. Restrooms located within playgrounds are closed until further notice.


Service Changes and Cancellations


Events held in parks by outside groups are being cancelled or rescheduled. Click here to view facility closures, programming cancellations and programming service changes by NYC Parks.


City Parks Foundation Digital Content


City Parks Foundation, a citywide partner for NYC Parks, has created digital content for New Yorkers at home.


There are three pillars of activities for children of all ages:




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Office of Emergency Management


NYC’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has produced videos and guides to help New Yorker’s stay informed and make a plan in case of an emergency. Please continue to check back as this website is updated. 


Share Your Space


OEM is accepting community spaces to support the City's emergency operations or be used for community outreach events. Click here for their survey, which assists the efforts of NYC Emergency Management in preparing and coordinating emergency responses on the community level.


American Red Cross: Prepare, Respond, Recover Webinars


The American Red Cross is extending the opportunity to take part in upcoming emergency preparedness and readiness WebEx presentations. The presentation will touch on COVID-19 safety and preparedness. It will also give a comprehensive overview on how to prepare for natural and man-made disasters and how to respond to and recover from them. The training also provides information on types of common disasters, ways to prepare as an individual, family and community member, what to do when disaster strikes and what actions you can take afterwards to aid in your recovery. Each training session lasts 45-90 minutes.


Please register for any of the following sessions: Thursday, April 16; Tuesday, April 21; Thursday, April 23.




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City Agencies


Please find a complete list of all city agency service updates here. New updates include information from the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), the NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA), the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB), the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), and the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC)


National Grid


Services Continuing:

  1. Please continue to call 911 or 718-490-4050 for any natural gas-related emergencies
  2. National Grid does not anticipate any disruption to their regular natural gas services and will continue to respond to essential customer needs.
  3. They are encouraging everyone to continue to monitor their accounts online and make payments online. If you are struggling to make your payments, you can contact National Grid for assistance.

Services Paused:

  1. National Grid has temporarily suspended collections related activities, which includes service disconnections, through at least the end of April.
  2. Non-essential customer service such as manual meter readings, gas service upgrades, and new gas service lines have been put on pause due to COVID-19. As a result of manual meter readings being paused, you may receive an estimated bill during this timeframe.




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The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that economic stimulus checks will begin to be distributed around April 15. Additionally, the Treasury Department will be creating a portal for individuals to check the status of their economic impact payment.


Economic Impact Payment: Non-Filers


If you do not normally file your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a website dedicated to non-filers who may be eligible to receive an economic impact payment. Click here for more information and eligibility.


Social Security Recipients


Those who receive Social Security Income or benefits and do not typically file tax returns will not need to register to receive an economic impact payment. Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul recommends registering if a Social Security Income (SSI) beneficiary has a dependent under the age of 17 to ensure they receive an additional $500 per eligible dependent.


Additionally, new beneficiaries (as of January 1, 2020) for Social Security or SSI benefits, who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019, will need to fill out the IRS’ Non-Filers website.


Recipients will get their economic impact payment the same way they receive Social Security benefits. Please click here for more information.




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In the 2010 Census, New York City’s self-response rate by household was less than 62%, compared to the national average of 76%. 


We must do better in the 2020 Census. Millions of federal dollars for education, hospitals, roads, and bridges are at stake. Remember, it only takes a few minutes to fill out your census form and there are NO questions about immigration or citizenship.


Click here for more information from NYC Census 2020. #GetCountedNYC


New York Counts 2020 is tracking New York’s self-response rate in comparison to the national average. Click here to visit their home page, with helpful resources, a timeline of the 2020 census and upcoming webinars.


New York Counts 2020 Census Hotlines —


Arab American Institute:

(833) 333-6864 or (833) 3DD-OUNI (“Count me” in Arabic)


Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC:

(844) 2020-API or (844) 202-0274

(English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali/Bangla)


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights:

(888) Count20


NALEO Educational Fund:

(877) EL-CENSO or (877) 352-3676 (Spanish)




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NYC Service


NYC Service can get you connected to organizations to help volunteer during this crisis. Additionally, they have guidance for how to safely volunteer on their website.


Food Bank for New York City


The Food Bank for New York City is accepting donations to help support their efforts during this crisis. $1 helps to provide five meals to those in need. You can donate to the Food Bank’s effort here.


City Harvest


City Harvest is committed to rescuing and delivering food for the 2.5 million New Yorkers who were depending on us before the COVID-19 crisis, and the thousands more who need us now, as the devastating economic impact of this pandemic becomes a reality. Click here to support their efforts.


Help Now NYC


The City of New York has launched a dedicated portal for New Yorkers to visit to give and receive help related to COVID-19 called Help Now NYC.


New Yorkers always have each other’s backs. While we’re socially distanced, here are some ways we can remain emotionally connected:

  • Check in with loved ones
  • Help your neighbors
  • Donate to food pantries and healthcare/first responder funds

Survey for Individuals Exposed to COVID-19


New York City is collecting information regarding individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19, those who have tested positive, and those who have been quarantined. This information will be used to better understand COVID-19 and help New York City provide better and more information regarding this pandemic. If you are interested in completing the survey or learning more, please click here.


Donate PPE


The City of New York is collecting donations of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns and masks. If you are able to donate, please click here.


Blood Drives


The American Red Cross is still holding blood drives throughout the city. You can find more information here.


Support Frontline Healthcare Workers with a Donation


NYC Health + Hospitals is seeking monetary donations to help health care workers pay for food, hotels, and tax rides. If you would like to donate, click here.


Join the Fight Against COVID-19 - Convalescent Plasma Donation


If you tested positive for COVID-19 and have been symptom free for 14 days, you can donate convalescent plasma which has antibodies against the virus. You can fill out the application here. Please note, the New York Blood Center is no longer accepting walk-in customers; instead, you must make an appointment. Use their website's location-search-and-scheduling tool here.




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The Met Opera


The Met Opera is offering nightly live streams of past operas. For a schedule of upcoming operas and for more information, please click here.


The Met Opera is offering educational programming that is available for teachers and students. An Educator Guide and Illustrated Synopses is available for all nightly Met Operas. Additionally, each week, the Met Opera will be focusing on a different opera.


Additionally, the Met Opera is offering two podcasts, Aria Code and In-Focus.


Carnegie Hall


Carnegie Hall has launched a new online series—Live with Carnegie Hall—featuring new original artistic programming as well as past performance material and selections from their Archives, connecting the Hall and their world-class artists with audiences everywhere. Programs will be announced on a weekly basis, and featuring two episodes per week initially, with the possibility of expanding to a more frequent schedule as the series develops. Episodes will stream on Carnegie Hall’s Facebook and Instagram channels.


Irish Repertory Theatre


Irish Rep's online programming is providing two online series’ live with all new content, celebrations of Irish plays, music, and poetry. Follow the hashtags #TheShowMustGoOnline and #IrishRepOnline for The Show Must Go Online updates and new videos. All videos will also live on their website!

Check out #TheShowMustGoOnline playlist daily for updates.


Rubin Museum


The Rubin Daily Offering: Every day that the Rubin Museum would ordinarily be open, Thursday through Monday, they will share a new episode profiling art, ideas, and practices that can help us navigate our thoughts and feelings, especially in moments of crisis. They release new episodes at noon each day, Thursday through Monday, on Instagram’s IGTV. Follow @RubinMuseum to watch the videos as soon as they’re available.


New York Transit Museum


Join the New York Transit Museum curators in digital discussions about NYC’s mass transit history. This page is being continuously updated, so check back for more events!


Tenement Museum


Experience the Museum From Home’ is being offered by the Tenement Museum while their physical location remains closed. Click here for virtual exhibits, events and podcast episodes.


Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) Virtual Programming


BPL has a dedicated website for virtual programming via Facebook Live, Zoom and streaming from branch staff. Programming ranges from newborns to older adults. Click here to learn more about upcoming events. This page is being continuously updated, so check back for more events!


The Center


The Center is offering a virtual gathering on Thursday, April 16th at 6 PM. During this gathering, participants will have a safe space to process and discuss the issues we are all facing during this current crisis. The Center aims to create a space where we can all work together and support the queer community during this difficult time. Free registration for the event is available here.


Experience Brooklyn Botanic Garden at Home!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden is excited to bring the Garden to New Yorkers virtually this season. Brooklyn Botanic Garden will be sharing daily bloom photos, virtual walking tours of their collections, and activities and ideas for children, families and home gardeners on their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and website. Additionally, Brooklyn Botanic Garden invites you to watch their world-famous cherry blossom collection bloom in isolation on CherryWatch!


Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy


The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy (BBPC) has created a set of free online activities for students, families and educators. Lesson plans have been developed for every age group, with a focus on science and nature topics explored during Environmental Education Center programs. Click here for resources from BBPC.


Bronx Zoo


The Bronx Zoo is offering a virtual zoo.  You can view live feeds of animals and enjoy their virtual classroom where their educational team has created at home science experiments.


Broadway Theatres Suspend Performances


Under continued guidance by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), The Broadway League has announced the continued suspension of Broadway shows through at least June 7th.




The YMCA is offering a wide range of programs and workouts to fit your needs.




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Thanks once again to all those New Yorkers who have demonstrated great service to their communities and whose selfless actions remind us that we will get through this crisis together. We are #OneNewYork.


Here are a few highlights from this past week as reported online and in the news:

  • Emma Mudrick, a 7 year-old Astoria resident created the Astoria Mutual Aid Network, is offering assistance to vulnerable community members with everyday needs.

  • Queens Feeds Hospitals, a grassroots, community-driven initiative, is serving food for healthcare workers in Mt. Sinai and Elmhurst Hospital. Surpassing their initial goal of $500, Queens Feeds Hospitals is well on their way in thanking our hometown heroes in one of the most affected boroughs in NYC.

  • NYPD Officer Prieto, from NYC's 19th precinct, is back on duty after recovering from COVID-19 last week.

  • NYC Schools are donating supplies to front line COVID-19 workers. Principals from Brooklyn schools have gathered supplies from science and career technical classrooms. One school, The Brooklyn School of Social Justice, has collected 15 boxes of gloves, 24 googles, and bottles of hand sanitizer.

  • Chun Rosenkranz, NY1’s New Yorker of the Week, delivered sandwiches to one of the City’s most vulnerable populations - homelessness New Yorkers.

On April 9, landmarks across NY State were lit blue in honor of health care professionals, first responders, and essential workers. This effort was in conjunction with the #LightBlue and #ClapBecauseWeCare movements thanking their heroic efforts against COVID-19.






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