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Dear neighbors, 

You have heard me call out the cuts to our schools again and again. It's the number one reason I voted no on the city budget.

This week, the Speaker and 40 members of the City Council sent a letter urging the Mayor to immediately reverse the cuts to public schools by using unspent federal funds. I know that many of you are frustrated, and this latest move seems like too little, too late from the City Council. But believe me, the pressure is working.

I want to thank all the parents, students and teachers who have been speaking out. Your courage gives me courage.

This Monday, July 18 at 10am, I am asking you to stand with me and fellow parents, teachers students and advocates to rally for our schools.



The summer isn't all that’s hot, let’s be sure to keep the heat on the Mayor and the Council to do right by public schools! There are many opportunities to take action:

Local redistricting

This Friday, the NYC Districting Commission released draft City Council maps for the next ten years. You can see the Commission's proposed maps here.

There are many dramatic changes for District 38 in the proposed maps: 

1) Our district would include all of Bay Ridge; 

2) Red Hook would be removed and given to District 39; 

3) Sunset Park would be split in two; 

4) Latino voting power in particular will be diluted across three districts.

These new maps would also create a new, majority Asian-American district in Brooklyn, which is an absolute win for fair representation. In a joint statement with Council Member Brannan, we noted  that there are many ways to ensure that South Brooklyn communities of interest remain whole and cohesive while also creating new opportunities for full representation that this proposed map does not meet.

The Voting Rights Act explicitly prohibits breaking up communities based on race, ethnicity or language to dilute their voting power.

This process isn't over yet. The commission will hold a second round of hearings for each borough on the following dates in August, with further details to be announced on the Commission's website here.

  • Monday, August 15, 2022 at 4:00pm
  • Tuesday August 16, 2022 at 4:00pm
  • Wednesday August 17, 2022 at 4:00pm
  • Thursday August 18, 2022 at 4:00pm
  • Monday August 22, 2022 at 4:00pm

Testimony also may be provided via Zoom during the public hearings, by email at, and by mail at 235 Broadway, NY, NY 10007.  

There are many possible options to modify or revise the current proposals. We invite all residents to weigh in on this important issue that will directly impact them. Would you like to learn more? Would you like to testify? Do you need help putting together your testimony? 

We are here to help. Please contact our office, the sooner the better! If you'd like to lead or host an event, fill out this form, or call us at 718-439-9012. Here are two important upcoming informational events on redistricting. 


This coming Tuesday, July 19 at 3:00pm, the New York Immigration Coalition is hosting a briefing with the Commission to share more about the process, how it works and what to expect next.

You can RSVP via this link:


On Tuesday, July 26 at 6pm, Citizens Union, LatinoJustice PRLDEF and other organizations are hosting a panel to learn more on how to draft a testimony and make your voice heard before the commission. 

You can RSVP here:

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more information, resources and events on these and other important topics. 


District Office

4417 4th Avenue, Ground Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11220 

(718) 439 - 9012


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