January 4, 2019


To start off this week's From the Front... I would like to thank all of the Arkansans who stopped by my Washington office during their visits to our nation’s capital, including the Hurley family of Bentonville. Safe travels back to the Natural State!


It’s just the beginning of the New Year, but it is already busy in Washington. I started off the week by having the honor of presiding over the U.S. House of Representatives as the 115th Congress came to an end. With the last bang of the gavel right before noon, I closed out the session and prepared for the start of the 116th Congress.


With the start of the new Congress, members stood together on the House floor as we raised our hands and swore to uphold the Constitution and the duties of this great office. Taking the oath of office is as special now as it was when I was first elected. I was especially grateful to have my grandson Kaden with me as I was sworn in.


It is truly an incredible honor to represent Arkansas’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. I will continue to fight for the conservative values and fiscally responsible policies that reflect the priorities of hardworking Arkansans. Every vote I take and legislative initiative I support will always represent the entrepreneurialism and strength of our great district.


Additionally, I am excited to announce that I will serve as House Budget Committee Ranking Member for the 116th Congress. Last year, I was honored to lead efforts to address the very real fiscal challenges that cast a shadow of doubt on America’s future prosperity and look for bipartisan solutions to fix the problems that plague the budget process and render Congress unable to meaningfully address our debt.


As Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, I will continue to champion these most critical issues and look forward to working with Democrats and Republicans alike to fix the broken budget process.


Following the swearing in ceremony, the House got back to work considering legislative business. As you may know, the Democrats have taken over the House majority. Unfortunately, in their first actions leading the floor they presented partisan and irresponsible legislation.


What did we see?


A rules package (H.Res.6) that makes it easier to raise taxes, increase spending, and raise the debt limit. I spoke out against this legislation – read and watch my remarks here.


A sham vote on partisan funding packages (H.J.Res.1 and H.R. 21) that are non-starters. Their proposals ignored the need for border security, responsible governance, and compromise. Even worse, there is no chance of them passing the Senate or being signed into law—and they know it. It’s a reflection of Pelosi politics, plain and simple.


Let me be clear, an open border policy that exacerbates the free flow of drugs, criminals, and human trafficking is not a solution. It’s time for Democrats to stop playing games with the safety and security of our nation. The fix is simple: secure our borders and fund the government. It’s not only our constitutional duty to protect our borders, it’s what the American people want.


The Democrats also blocked a vote that would have required members to stay and work in D.C. until the government is fully funded. If they are serious about re-opening the government, then why not vote to require all members to stay in Washington until a workable funding agreement is reached? It’s time to stop the political stunts and get to work. Considering legislation that will not pass the Senate or be signed into law by President Trump is not the answer. 


I look forward to getting back to Washington next week to continue fighting for the people of Arkansas’s Third District. Remember to keep an eye on my website or check out my Twitter and Instagram pages to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the Third District and Washington. Wishing you a blessed weekend!




Our Fort Smith District Office has moved! Please note our new address:



6101 Phoenix Avenue, Suite 4

Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903

Phone: (479) 424-1146

Fax: (479) 424-2737


Kaden was hoping to be the next Speaker of the House, but the vote didn't go his way. His reaction says it all! Who said the House floor couldn't be fun? Needless to say, Kaden enjoyed his time in our nation's capital -- and he gave some people a few laughs! 

Congressman Womack and his grandson Kaden prepare for the 116th swearing in ceremony

From the front...

Congressman Steve Womack
Arkansas Third District

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