Cracking Down on Annoying and Predatory Robocalls


Robocalls have dramatically increased in recent years, with 47 billion calls placed in 2018. At a Burlington press conference, Peter unveiled legislation moving through Congress that will crack down on these unwanted and often predatory calls. He was joined by Kathryn Ottinger, a Shelburne senior who is being bombarded with daily robocalls. “Robocalls often originate from scam artists intent on ripping off unsuspecting consumers, particularly seniors,” said Peter. “Our bill gives the FCC the tools it needs to be the cop on the beat to go after these bad actors."


Shelburne resident Kathryn Ottinger speaks at robocall press conference

Protecting 800,000 Dreamers From Deportation

At a press conference at the University of Vermont Larner School of Medicine, Peter challenged Senator Mitch McConnell to let the Senate vote on the Dream and Promise Act which passed the House on June 4th. The legislation would protect 800,000 Dreamers who were brought to America as children and are now at risk of being deported from the only country they have ever known due to an executive order by President Trump. Joining Peter at the press conference were Dreamer and UVM medical student Juan Conde as well as UVM President Tom Sullivan.

 Advocating for Dreamers at the Larner College of Medicine press conference

Peter Slams Trump Claim of Executive Privilege on Census

Peter slammed the Trump administration for its refusal to disclose documents related to the decision to add a question on citizenship to the upcoming census. “It’s especially bogus in this case,” said Peter. “With the President basically repudiating the authority of Congress to conduct oversight, he’s putting himself above the law and beyond accountability, and that’s the path by which absolute power is concentrated into one person.” 

House Approves Five Welch Bills to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

By a vote of 234-183, the House approved a health care package last month to lower drug prices and reverse Trump administration efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. The final bill included five Welch initiatives that will lower the cost of prescription drugs and expand health care coverage.  


Grilling Big Pharma at House Hearing

Brand name drug prices have skyrocketed 57 percent since 2014. At a recent House hearing, Peter grilled executives of the pharmaceutical industry on their rationale for jacking up drug prices.  


Welch, Leahy and Sanders Urge Dairy Farmers to Enroll in New Safety Net Program

Vermont’s Congressional Delegation is urging dairy farmers to enroll in a new safety net program created in the 2018 Farm Bill. The Dairy Margin Coverage program will help farmers manage volatile milk prices and feed costs. Enrollment opened on June 17th and closes on September 20th. “The launch of this important program couldn’t come soon enough for Vermont’s dairy farmers,” said the Delegation. “As they continue to endure low milk prices, extreme weather, retaliatory tariffs and a challenging economy, this improved dairy safety net will provide immediate relief.” 

Home in Vermont

Greeting attendees at the Spectrum Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference in Burlington
Visiting with the Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals in St. Johnsbury
 Marching in the Vergennes Memorial Day parade
 Listening to Vermonters at a Congress in Your Community event in Vergennes
 Biking break at Kingdom Trails in East Burke - Read more!