Fighting to Keep Vermont’s Small Independent Pharmacies Open 

At a press conference last month at Rutland Pharmacy, Peter unveiled two bills that will protect Vermont’s local independent pharmacies which are at risk due to anti-competitive practices by middlemen in the prescription drug market. There are 41 independent pharmacies in Vermont employing 381 full-time employees. “When Vermonters get sick, their local pharmacy is often the first place they visit for advice and care,” said Peter. “Community pharmacies are locally owned. Their pharmacists have earned the trust of customers. My legislation will level the competitive playing field to help ensure these vital small businesses remain open to serve their customers.”

A New Violence Against Women Act 

With Peter’s strong support, the House passed legislation last month to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act for five years. “Violence against women should never be tolerated,” said Peter. “This important legislation will ensure that survivors of domestic and sexual violence get the services they need and that their advocates have sufficient resources to continue their vital work.” Before the House acted, Peter convened a roundtable discussion in Burlington with advocates to learn about the challenges they face and solicit their input on re-authorization. 

Protecting Vermont’s Community Access TV Stations

Funding for Vermont’s community access TV stations, which bring democracy to the living rooms and laptops of Vermonters, is at risk due to a possible regulatory action by the FCC. Peter sent a letter to the FCC urging them to take no action that threatens the viability of PEG stations. He also convened a roundtable discussion with station leaders from around the state to learn more about how the FCC action could harm their stations and viewers.

Reversing the FCC Decision to Gut Net Neutrality

A free and open internet is essential for consumers and small entrepreneurs across Vermont. Last month, the House approved net neutrality legislation cosponsored and strongly supported by Peter that will prohibit internet providers from prioritizing content from large corporations at the expense of high-quality internet service for the rest of us.  

Internet Access Delivered Locally by Local Companies

Too many Vermonters have limited or no access to the internet. As Congress begins to write legislation that invests in America’s infrastructure, including broadband networks, Peter convened a roundtable discussion in Randolph to learn more about a community-based model for providing internet access pioneered in Vermont by ECFiber and others. He is working in the House to ensure that these community-based broadband providers are eligible for broadband build-out funding included in any infrastructure bill approved by Congress. 

Cutting School District Energy Bills through Energy Efficiency

Peter is the leading advocate in the House for investing in energy efficiency which creates good jobs, saves money, and reduces harmful carbon emissions. Last month, the House unanimously approved his legislation to help schools become more energy efficient. “Making taxpayer-funded schools more energy efficient will cut school district energy bills in Vermont and around the country,” Peter said. The Streamlining Energy Efficiency for Schools Act establishes a coordinating structure to help schools better navigate federal energy efficiency programs and financing options. 


WATCH: Peter Makes the Case on House Floor to Improve Energy Efficiency in Schools.

Peter at Home in Vermont


At Rutland Pharmacy, Peter was joined by Michael Fisher, Jeff Hochberg, and Kevin Mullin.


Peter meets with advocates for the Violence Against Women Act.


Peter meets in Randolph with advocates for community-based broadband service.


Peter joined Governor Scott and Rutland community leaders to break ground on the Thomas W. Huebner Medical Office Building.


Peter visits with the Hartford Fire Department to thank them for their important work.