Welch Bill Cracking Down on Medicaid Fraud Advances

At the Vermont State House last month, Peter unveiled his bipartisan legislation to combat Medicaid fraud and abuse. The Committee on Energy and Commerce recently approved his bill, sending it to the full House of Representatives which is expected to pass it this fall. “Medicaid provides vital health care services to over a third of Vermonters, including low-income seniors,” Peter said. “This bipartisan initiative will empower state attorneys general to crack down on bad actors exploiting Vermonters, while ensuring Medicaid remains an efficient and effective program.”

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic   

Last month, the House approved a bipartisan package of bills to combat the opioid epidemic ravaging communities in Vermont and across the country. Included were several bills authored by Peter that will increase funding for the Medicaid Health Homes program, attack the root causes of overprescribing in the Medicaid and Medicare programs, educate seniors on alternatives to opioids, and fund National Institutes of Health (NIH) research into non-addictive drugs for pain management. While supportive of the package, Peter decried the lack of a more comprehensive approach to combatting this public health epidemic. He has repeatedly called for a full-scale opioids Marshall Plan that would provide significant resources to those working on the front lines.

Another Round of Tax Cuts for the One Percent? Welch Says No

In remarks on the House floor during debate on a second package of tax cuts for well-off Americans, Peter expressed his strong opposition. “This has nothing to do with the so-called entrepreneurial economy. This has to do with a Congress that has no conscience, that doesn’t stand up for everyday people and say we want policies that let you have a chance.”


Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

After listening carefully to both Dr. Ford’s and Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Peter urged the President to withdraw the nomination. “Dr. Ford is courageous, credible, and authentic. I believe her. Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony revealed that he does not have the temperament or regard for the truth required to serve on the nation’s highest court. I do not believe him, and the Senate should not confirm him.” 

Winooski Main Street Revitalization 

Joined by Senators Leahy and Sanders, Peter announced a package of loans and grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development totaling over $8.5 million for upgrades to Winooski’s drinking water and wastewater systems. The infrastructure upgrades are a key element of the City’s plan to revitalize Main Street north of downtown. “We fight hard for these resources in Congress precisely so that cities and towns like Winooski can use them to realize their vision for what they want their community to be,” Peter said in a joint statement with Senator Leahy and Senator Sanders.

Welcoming New Americans

Peter participated in an inspiring naturalization ceremony at the Vermont State House for 40 new American citizens hailing from 23 countries. He spoke of the importance of immigrants to our country’s successes and rich cultural fabric. “America was built on the efforts of hard working immigrants who have made valuable contributions to our culture and economy throughout history.”