House Approves Welch Amendment to Increase Funding for Lake Champlain Water Quality

The U.S. House of Representatives approved Peter’s bipartisan amendment to increase funding for the Lake Champlain Basin Program from $4.4 million to 8.4 million. The program supports water quality improvements around the lake and the surrounding watershed. “Lake Champlain is the environmental crown jewel of our region,” Peter explained. “It is central to our cultural heritage and natural history, and an invaluable recreational and economic resource. It is essential that this great lake be protected and preserved for generations to come.” 

Peter toured Lake Champlain with the experts who work hard year-round to protect it.

“The Price of Prescription Drugs is Killing Us”

Peter introduced legislation that would cut prescription drug costs for families by placing a monthly cap on their out-of-pocket drug costs. “Prescription drugs cure illnesses, relieve pain and save lives. But skyrocketing prices are putting them out of reach for consumers,” Peter insisted. The bill caps prescription drug copays at $250 per month for individuals and $500 per month for families. Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced companion legislation in the Senate.

Medicare for All

Peter joined 65 House colleagues in announcing the formation of the Congressional Medicare for All Caucus. He spoke with Vermonters who travelled to Washington, D.C. to support the caucus at a press conference outside the Capitol building. “Today we took the important step of founding the first Congressional Medicare for All Caucus. Together, we’ll work for equal access to quality health care for all Americans,” Peter said.

Standing Up for Women’s Health Care

Joined by Planned Parenthood leaders, health care providers and patients, Peter held a press conference to discuss the threat to women’s health care posed by Congress, the Trump Administration and the Supreme Court. At the press conference, he urged action. “It’s time for all of us who support women’s health care and reproductive rights to stand up and be heard. President Trump and GOP leaders are methodically undermining family planning programs. Funding for Planned Parenthood is under assault. And a new Supreme Court makeup could roll back the hard-fought freedom to choose. Call the White House. And call friends and family in other states and urge them to contact their Members of Congress.”

Peter stood with Planned Parenthood to call out President Trump and Republican leaders for undermining women's health and reproductive rights.

Limiting Warrantless Property and Vehicle Searches Near Border

In response to multiple reports of federal agents boarding trains and buses in Vermont to question passengers about their citizenship, Peter introduced legislation to narrow the broad zone of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) authority in the vicinity of U.S. borders. It would reduce the area in which DHS can arbitrarily stop vehicles from 100 miles to 25 miles from the border and prohibit DHS from stopping vehicles at checkpoints further than 10 miles from the border without reasonable suspicion. “A 100-miles unfettered enforcement zone is overly broad and unduly restricts the constitutional rights to privacy and protection against warrantless searches of millions of Americans living in this zone,” Peter insisted. “We must strike a better balance between protecting our national security and preserving our constitutional rights.”

Listening to Vermonters

Peter spent the Fourth of July week travelling across the state to meet with and listen to Vermonters. He met with business owners, held press conferences and convened roundtable discussions. Check out this Facebook album to see what he was up to.

Peter made remarks and marched at the Newport Centennial parade.