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Game On: Time to Reverse the FCC Decision to Gut Net Neutrality

The all-hands-on-deck battle to restore net neutrality is on. Along with 149 House colleagues, Peter introduced legislation that will reverse the horrible FCC decision to gut net neutrality. You can help by contacting your friends and family in other states and urging them to tell their Member of Congress and Senators to cosponsor net neutrality legislation and demand a roll call vote.

Joined by colleagues in the House and Senate, Peter introduced legislation to reverse the FCC decision to gut net neutrality.

Common Sense Gun Safety Reforms

“What will it take to pass common sense gun laws that take guns out of the hands of people who should not have them?” Peter questioned in a recent VPR interview. “It’s hard to fathom the inaction of Congress in the face of so many mass shootings in this country.” 

Improving Call Service in Rural America: Welch Bill Signed Into Law

After learning that Dakin Farm and other small businesses were experiencing problems with their landline phone service due to middleman companies, Peter introduced bipartisan legislation to solve the problem and improve phone service in rural areas. His legislation, which was signed into law this month, will require phone companies to meet call connection quality standards. “Businesses and individuals who reside in rural areas have long been plagued by poor landline phone service and dropped calls,” Peter insisted. “This new law will improve phone service in rural America and require the FCC to hold middleman companies accountable for dropped calls and poor service.”

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

As Vermont battles the scourge of opioid addiction, Peter is convening roundtable discussions across the state with community leaders on the front lines of this heartbreaking nationwide epidemic. “This is an uphill battle, but your perseverance and unwavering commitment to community is inspiring,” he told those in attendance. “What is needed on the federal level is robust funding and partnership with governors, mayors, and public health professionals who meet this challenge head on.”

Listening to Vermonters

Peter spent Presidents’ Day weekend travelling across the state to meet with and listen to Vermonters. He visited businesses, hosted Congress in Your Community events, and convened roundtable discussions. Check out this Facebook album to see what he was up to.

Peter visited Kurn Hattin Homes in Putney to learn about their inspiring mission to provide a secure and supportive haven for children in need.