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Saving Net Neutrality

At a roundtable discussion with Vermont community and business leaders, Peter unveiled legislation he will soon introduce to reverse the FCC’s recent decision to gut net neutrality. “Today’s discussion reinforces that a free and open internet is essential to Vermont’s economy, as well as the free flow of ideas, creativity, and participatory democracy,” Peter told those in attendance.

Peter discusses his bill to restore net neutrality with community and business leaders.

Finding Common Ground on Infrastructure Investments

Peter is a founding co-chair of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group of legislators committed to ending Congressional gridlock and finding common ground on the pressing issues facing our country. The group recently unveiled a bipartisan list of policy options to rebuild our infrastructure. “America has a 21st century economy supported by a 20th century infrastructure,” Peter said. “Potholes don’t fix themselves. Our roads and bridges are crumbling. Whole swaths of the country lack access to basic broadband. America needs a long-term infrastructure bill with a sustainable funding source.”

Welch Co-authored Opioid Bill Signed into Law

In an Oval Office ceremony, President Trump signed into law a bill co-authored by Peter that will stem the illegal flow of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids across the U.S. border. Additionally, Peter unveiled bipartisan legislation to fund non-addictive alternatives to the use of opioids for pain treatment. “Across Vermont and our country, families and communities are struggling with the scourge of opioid addiction,” Peter said. “What is needed is strong leadership and funding from the federal government and a robust partnership with governors, mayors, and public health professionals that meet this challenge head on.”  

Demanding Funding for Vermont’s Twelve Community Health Centers

Peter held a press conference with Senator Bernie Sanders and local health care leaders to highlight their fight to fund Vermont’s twelve community health centers which are in jeopardy of exhausting their federal funding. “This funding fight is totally unnecessary,” Peter insisted. “It’s time for Congress to pass a comprehensive budget that funds these vital, bipartisan programs.”

Getting Ethanol out of our Gasoline

Peter ventured out on a 30-mile snowmobile ride around central Vermont to highlight the damage ethanol does to the engines of snow machines and chainsaws. At a press conference after the ride, joined by members of the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers and a small engine repair shop owner, he highlighted his legislation to reform the federal requirement that ethanol be blended into gasoline. “This is commonsense legislation,” Peter urged. “The ethanol fuel mandate is damaging snowmobile and other small engines and costing riders hundreds of dollars in repair.”

Peter went out for a ride on the VAST trails to highlight his plan to reform the ethanol fuel mandate.

Vermont Maple Syrup: Best in the World

Peter had breakfast with a reporter from Roll Call to talk all things Vermont maple syrup. He brought along a bottle of the best from Richardson Farm Maple in Woodstock. “Some of my colleagues like to brag about the maple syrup produced in their states,” Peter explained over pancakes. “But everyone knows award-winning Vermont pure maple syrup is the best in the world.” Check out the full interview here.