Dear Friend,

Fighting the Partisan Tide

In remarks to the Bennington Rotary Club, Peter spoke about the growing polarization in Washington. “We are stalled in Congress right now, but we need to break the fever,” Peter said. He went on to contrast the dysfunction in D.C. with the success of Vermont businesses and local organizations. “Thank you for what you do: for providing leadership locally. I’m going to do everything I can to try to bring the Vermont way of doing business to the United States Congress.”

Writing a New Farm Bill

As Congress prepares to write a new Farm Bill next year, Peter convened roundtable discussions across the state to hear the priorities of Vermont’s agricultural sector. Most recently he met in Middlebury with specialty crop farmers to listen to their ideas on how to better support farmers who grow apples, grapes, vegetables, and other crops. “My goal, ultimately, is to have an agenda that reflects what you need in order to be successful,” Peter told those in attendance at Happy Valley Orchard. “The Farm Bill is too oriented toward the big commodities. We need to focus on local agriculture.”  

Peter listening to Vermont farmers about their ideas for the upcoming Farm Bill.

Big Pharma Chutzpah

Peter and colleagues opened a bipartisan investigation into the brazen scheme of Allergan to extend its monopoly pricing power over the eye drug Restatis. Allergan transferred its patents on the drug, along with a cash payment of $13.75 million, to a Native American tribe to bypass U.S. patent laws. “This story defines Big Pharma chutzpah,” Peter said. He will soon introduce legislation in Congress that will make the tactic illegal.

Cutting Drug Prices for Seniors

Joined by Senator Sanders and other colleagues, Peter introduced legislation that will require the federal government to leverage its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower Medicare drug prices for seniors. “Paying retail prices for wholesale purchases is absurd,” Peter insisted. “It’s long past time we put an end to this sweetheart deal for big Pharma and save seniors and taxpayers billions of dollars.”

Peter unveils legislation to require the federal government to negotiate lower Medicare drug prices for seniors.

Exploring Career Options for High School Students

Peter joined Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) officials and Winooski High School students and administrators to announce a new yearlong mentorship program with the Winooski High School senior class aimed at encouraging more students to continue their education after graduation. “Landing a job after high school requires good education and training,” Peter urged. The entire class will receive individualized counseling as they explore education and training programs that meet their needs.