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Medicaid Matters in Vermont

At a press conference at the Vermont Statehouse, Peter joined Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, and Governor Scott in highlighting the importance of federal Medicaid funding to Vermont, which he believes is at risk under the majority health care bill. “This isn’t an abstract policy debate,” Peter insisted. “This legislation would have devastating consequences for Vermonters and for our community hospitals.”

 Peter is joined by Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, and Gov. Scott to deliver the message: Medicaid matters in Vermont.

Improving the Affordable Care Act

Peter joined nine House colleagues in unveiling a five-part plan to improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The plan, Solutions Over Politics, would stabilize the individual insurance marketplace where insurance premiums have skyrocketed and some insurers have ceased participation. The initiative would protect those with pre-existing conditions, stabilize premiums, and promote enrollment in health plans. “Rather than repealing or replacing a landmark law that has expanded quality health care to millions of Americans, the focus of Congress should be on improving the Affordable Care Act,” Peter urged.

On House Budget Proposal: “I Will Vigorously Oppose”

Peter strongly opposed the House GOP budget proposal, which was unveiled this month. “It doubles down on defense spending and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans funded by slashing environment programs, food and heating assistance, housing programs, job training, and student financial aid,” Peter said in a statement. “I will vigorously oppose this budget every step of the way.”

Renewing the Northern Border Regional Commission

Peter joined House colleagues representing districts along the U.S. Canadian border in introducing the Northern Border Regional Commission Reauthorization Act of 2017, which would reauthorize the Northern Border Regional Commission for five years. “Its success demonstrates that providing seed money to boost local economic and community development projects not only sparks local economic activity but also lays the groundwork for long-term investment in the region,” Peter explained.

Listening to Vermonters

At a Congress in Your Community event at Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury, Peter listened to Vermonters’ hopes and concerns about Congress and the Administration.

 Peter hearing from Vermonters at a Congress in Your Community event at Kingdom Taproom in St. Johnsbury.