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“The Price of Prescription Drugs is Killing Us”

Last week, Peter introduced an amendment that would allow the importation of safe, low-cost medicine from Canada. “The price of prescription drugs is killing us. Pharma does good things, but the cost is crushing us,” he said in a speech to his colleagues. Read more about his amendment here.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Schools 

The House unanimously approved Peter’s bipartisan legislation to improve energy efficiency in schools in Vermont and across the country. “Investments in energy efficiency save money, create jobs, improve the environment,” said Welch. “By streamlining federal programs and cutting red tape, our bipartisan bill will result in lower energy use and lower energy bills for taxpayer funded school systems in Vermont and around the country.”

Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accords: A Stunning Rejection of Science

Peter believes that the President walked away from the greatest challenge of our time. “American leadership is essential to preserving our planet for future generations," he said after the President's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. "This fight is not over. We will move forward without him.”

Student Loan Debt Relief for Young Vermont Farmers

At a roundtable of young Vermont farmers and agricultural leaders at the Conant Farm in Richmond (pictured below), Peter unveiled bipartisan legislation that would encourage young farmers to take over family farms and pursue careers in agriculture. The Young Farmers Success Act would forgive student loan debt for eligible young people who choose to make a long-term commitment to farming. Read more about his efforts here.

On Net Neutrality: Peter Urges Vermonters to Speak Up

After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced its intention to overturn its policy of net neutrality, Peter urged Vermonters to make their voices known. “Creating a fast lane on the internet for those who can afford it is a gift to internet service providers and bad for consumers, entrepreneurs, and an open democracy,” he said. “Now is the time for concerned Vermonters to speak up by encouraging the FCC to maintain a free and open internet for all users.” To share your opinion with the FCC, complete an online comment form at In the ‘Proceeding(s)’ box, enter ’17-108’ or ‘restoring internet freedom.'

President Should Comply with the Constitution on Business Holdings

Peter joined 198 colleagues in a lawsuit to force the President to comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, which prohibits him from receiving gifts and benefits from foreign leaders through his business holdings.

36th Annual Congressional Art Competition: We Have a Winner! 

Congratulations to Jocelyn Pike of Lyndon Institute for winning the 36th Annual Congressional Art Competition! Her brilliant work, “Peru,” was selected from 161 student entries representing 35 Vermont high schools.


 Congressional Art Competition winner Jocelyn Pike’s “Peru”