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A Message to Vermonters
In a video recorded in his Capitol office, Peter outlined his priorities for the new Congress and how Vermonters can stay engaged. “There is no place in our democracy to compromise the civil rights of any person, for any reason, at any place, at any time.” Watch the full message by clicking on the image below.

Peter Engages Thousands of Vermonters with Facebook Q&A
Peter held a Q&A on his Facebook page to answer Vermonters’ questions about his agenda in the new Congress, what’s happening in Washington, and the news of the day. You can read the full Q&A here. Be sure to follow Peter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for his take on the issues and announcements on his public events in Vermont.

“Warm, solid, generous people doing whatever it takes to give their children a better chance at life” 
After visiting with Rutland’s two Syrian refugee families, Peter brought to the House floor their remarkable stories of courage in the face of adversity. “These families survived a home being bombed, Al-Queda and ISIS terrorists, and the brutal violence of the Assad regime,” he said. “These good people endured all of these hardships to do what all parents strive to do – protect their children from harm.” He also outlined his strong opposition to the suspension of the refugee resettlement program.

 Peter visited with the Alhallak and Khatib families in late January. These new Vermonters fled the Syrian civil war and are grateful to have a fresh and safe start in Rutland. The group discussed the refugee resettlement process.

Peter to the President: Comply with the Constitution
Peter and Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) led 60 colleagues in demanding that President Trump take steps to comply with the Constitution by eliminating his financial conflicts of interest. “The American people should have every confidence that actions taken by our new President are in the country’s best interest rather than his own,” Peter said.

At Start of New Congress, House Passes Peter’s Legislation to Improve Quality of Phone Calls in Rural America
After Vermont businesses reached out to Peter to report calls being dropped or never completed, he got to work with Rep. David Young (R-IA). Their legislation to fix the issue passed the House last month and will soon be considered by the Senate.

A Dangerous NSC Appointment
“I believe Steve Bannon's appointment to the NSC is dangerous, unprecedented and misguided," Peter said after President Trump appointed Bannon to the NSC. "There should be no seat at the national security table for partisan politics.” Peter also co-sponsored H.R. 804 to prohibit the appointment to the NSC of any individual whose “primary responsibility is political in nature.” Read more about the bill here.

Time to Negotiate Drug Prices with Big Pharma

Peter’s first bill introduced in the new Congress tackles an issue he and the President agree on: requiring the federal government to use its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower Medicare prescription drugs for seniors and taxpayers. Currently, Medicare buys drugs for the Part D prescription drug program at wholesale, yet pays much higher retail prices. Peter’s bill would end this practice while shoring up the Medicare program. Medicare price negotiation is part of his four-point plan to cut the cost of prescription drugs.

No ACA Repeal Without Replacement
Peter took to the House floor to call out Conservatives for plotting repeal of the Affordable Care Act, a law that has helped thousands of Vermonters, with no credible replacement plan. “You’ve got some responsibility to show us the beef. Where is the plan?” he asked. Peter’s preference is to work  across the aisle to make much needed improvements in the law. However, he strongly believes repealing it without a replacement plan is irresponsible and not an option.

Peter Leads Bipartisan Group Urging the President to Invest in Broadband in Rural America
Following up on that success, Peter led a bipartisan coalition of 71 colleagues urging President Trump to include investments in rural broadband connectivity in his upcoming infrastructure proposal.