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Potholes Don't Fix Themselves

“Enough is enough! Right now, America has a 21st century economy supported by a 20th century infrastructure. Potholes don’t fix themselves. Our roads and bridges are crumbling.  Meanwhile, Congress just kicked the can down the road with yet another short term Band-Aid patch. America needs a long-term highway bill with a sustainable funding source. No more patches. No more gimmicks.” – Peter       Watch Peter’s remarks on the House floor.

The President Signs Peter’s Energy Efficiency Bill in Oval Office Ceremony

In a live Facebook Question and Answer session, Peter broke the news: “Tomorrow, I am going to a White House bill signing ceremony for my energy efficiency bill. Think about it: The work so many in Vermont have done on energy efficiency will now become the law of the land.  Makes me proud of Vermont. And this is just the beginning. I have several more bills we will be taking up in committee soon.” Read more here about Peter’s bipartisan legislation signed into law by President Obama.

President Obama signs Peter's energy efficiency bill into law

Vermonters Have the Right to Know What’s in Their Food

Last week Peter was joined in Washington by Vermont’s own Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s to stand up for Vermont’s GMO food labeling law. Together, they are fighting legislation introduced in the House that would block states like Vermont from requiring GMO labeling. Read more

Peter and House colleagues leading the fight for consumers' right to know what's in our food

House Approves Peter’s Bipartisan Legislation to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Peter worked with House colleagues to pass bipartisan legislation to combat prescription drug abuse by improving the distribution process for prescription drugs. Read more.

As 5 Wall Street Banks Plead Guilty to Criminal Activity, Peter Works to Close Tax Loophole Allowing Corporations to Write Off Penalties and Fines

Under current law, a corporation can write off fines and penalties related to its misdeeds as an ordinary business expense.  Peter’s legislation would ensure that no corporation, including 
the five major banks that pleaded guilty to felony charges this month, could deduct any portion of their penalties or settlement under the tax code.  “Allowing a financial institution found guilty of criminal activity and harming consumers the benefit of writing off related penalties is offensive and adds insult to injury to the taxpayer,” Peter said.

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