Peter at UVM: “It defies common sense that student loans cannot be refinanced just like home mortgages.”

At a press conference at the University of Vermont, Peter outlined legislation he is advocating that would allow borrowers, including parents, to refinance federal and private student loans to take advantage of lower interest rates. Read more here

In a video posted on Facebook just before the vote last month, Peter explained his decision to oppose the President's plan to recruit, train and arm Syrian rebels. Watch here

Peter on Facebook: I do not believe that plan has any reasonable chance of success.” 

Getting rid of unnecessary regulations that hurt small community banks

In the aftermath of the near total collapse of the American economy in 2008, Congress passed financial reform legislation to crack down on the high risk activities of financial institutions. Unlike Wall Street banks, small community banks were, and still are, in the business of providing essential loans to American small businesses and families.  In Peter’s view, they should not be regulated in the same way as the large banks that drove our economy to the brink of collapse. At the National Community Bank on State Street in Montpelier, he announced bipartisan legislation to provide regulatory relief to small community banks. Read more here

House passes Vermont Congressional Delegation bill to protect Vermont’s Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers

The House approved legislation last month authored by Peter and Senators Leahy and Sanders that will increase recreational access to the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers and ensure their continued enjoyment by fishermen, hunters and paddlers. Read more here

Fighting for emergency services in rural areas 

Ambulance service providers around the country, especially in rural areas like Vermont, face financial uncertainty due to the failure of Congress to approve a special Medicare reimbursement program in a timely fashion. In Barre, Peter recently announced bipartisan legislation that would make sure ambulance providers receive fair and predictable Medicare reimbursements. Read more here. 

House passes Peter’s bipartisan Lyme disease legislation

The incidence of Lyme Disease has increased dramatically in recent years in Vermont and across the region. Peter’s bipartisan legislation tackling this issue was approved by the House in early September. Read more about his legislation here


 PICTURES: Click here to see photos on Facebook of Peter’s travels across Vermont.

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