October 26, 2013


Dear Friend,


It’s been no secret that I oppose Obamacare.  Instead of making health care more accessible, it’s actually increasing health care costs.  Not only does Obamacare raise taxes and increase government spending, but it’s also forcing thousands of Americans out of their jobs and preferred health care plans.  And now that the Obamacare exchanges have opened, we’re seeing a whole new layer of flaws.  Website crashes, closures, and glitches are preventing many people from enrolling in the exchanges – and the President is still refusing to waive the penalty for not signing up on time.


Every day, people in West Texas and the Big Country contact me with problems stemming from the President’s health care law.


Jena from Lubbock had insurance that cost $100 per month, but is being forced off her plan. “I received a letter last month stating that my plan would no longer be provided because it did not comply with the new regulations.  It didn't have substance abuse coverage, mental health coverage or maternity coverage.  I purchased coverage without those things on purpose.  I don't need them. The only comparable plan…would cost approximately $250 per month.”


Paula in Slaton is currently covered by the Texas state plan for people with pre-existing conditions, but will have to enter the exchanges in 2014.  “The premium for less coverage will be $150 per month more expensive under the new system.  Never thought after years of work…that we would be in this position.”


And John, a business owner in Anson wrote, “This legislation has increased my health care costs for my employees and forced me to cut benefits. It has driven our costs to the point we cannot justify hiring full time entry level employees, thus stopping our growth.”


The problems with Obamacare go beyond a broken website.  I want to know how this law is affecting you and your family. 


If you’d like to share your personal story on Obamacare with me, you can email TX19Feedback@mail.house.gov.  I’ll help you make your voice heard so that we can work together on solutions. 


Thanks for your time,

Randy Neugebauer
Member of Congress


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