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The prospect of another far-right justice on the Supreme Court has created an even greater need to defend the progressive values we hold dear.

On Monday night, President Trump announced he is nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the position on the Court vacated by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. As co-chair of the Pro-Choice Caucus, I’m deeply concerned about his potential influence on the highest court in the land, particularly how he might rule on cases involving women’s health in general, privacy, and access to the full range of reproductive care services, including abortion care -- a right that since 1973 has been protected under the Constitution but President Trump has pledged to overturn. LGBTQ equality, equity for minorities and civil rights in general could be threatened in future cases. 

Already, many are questioning the lasting damage this nomination may cause to the Court's reputation, as well the implications for Americans’ fundamental rights and civil liberties. The Senate should scrutinize Judge Kavanaugh closely to ensure that Americans’ fundamental rights, including the right to choose, will be protected. All Americans deserve nothing short of full transparency regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s views, intentions and attitudes toward what the Court stands for: Equal Justice Under Law. If we can’t ensure he will protect these basic rights, then we must work to ensure his nomination is rejected. 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Trump Administration missed its court-mandated deadline to reunite all children under age five with their parents after their families were separated by U.S. immigration officials. It’s clear that the same lack of decency and competence that spurred the tragic campaign of splitting up refugee families at the U.S. border is also preventing their timely reunion, which only compounds their suffering. We can’t let this shameful administration get away with such heedless, cruel negligence.

I also won’t let Republican leaders on the Energy and Commerce Committee, where I serve as a senior member, shirk their duty to examine the causes and effects of this humanitarian crisis. At a meeting of the committee on Thursday, they were trying to block Democrats’ efforts to pass a resolution demanding answers on family separation. I pushed back on that, along with their claims that they’ve conducted sufficient oversight of the situation to date. To support this specious argument, the committee chairman read from a page of facts he’d been given just before members met in the hearing room. What a flimsy excuse for oversight; this committee needs to do its job for the sake of these families. 

On Wednesday, I moved to block former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s sneak attack on the environment that would put more “super-polluting” trucks on America’s roads. Pruitt’s subordinates issued a memo creating this loophole the day after he quit, but before he left the building. Through this deceptive move and many others, the ghost of Scott Pruitt continues to haunt our country as his disgusting legacy of dismantling environmental protections lives on. But there’s still time to reverse a part of the damage by letting a single sentence become law, and I'll be pushing for a vote on my amendment next week. It’s no surprise that Pruitt would try to slip through this deservedly controversial policy just as he was about to head out the agency door. Not on my watch.

Amid all these challenges, it was heartening to celebrate progress on another important priority. On Thursday, I was honored to receive the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund’s Trailblazer Award for my work in Congress to advocate for people with type 1 diabetes and expand their access to treatment. Though diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, we’re achieving important breakthroughs in treatment and prevention, thanks in large part to the work of organizations such as JDRF. As co-chair of the bipartisan Diabetes Caucus and a mother of a child with diabetes, I will continue working to find cures that will put JDRF out of business.


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Diana DeGette
Member of Congress


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