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Another federal budget deadline looms, funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program has lapsed, and tens of thousands of Dreamers await word of their fate. Nevertheless, Republicans in Congress continue to ignore these critical legislative priorities in favor of ramming through a tax scheme to benefit corporations and the ultra-rich. I spent the week in Washington keeping the focus on these issues while also celebrating life-saving cures brought about by the last major bipartisan achievement to come out of Congress – a full year ago.

On Thursday, the FCC voted to gut Net Neutrality protections. I have long supported these safeguards and have worked to prevent the agency’s efforts to reverse them, including sending a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Wednesday demanding that he cancel this vote. He didn’t listen, but this isn’t the end of our fight. I will co-sponsor a resolution to be introduced soon by Congressman Mike Doyle to restore these protections that were reversed by the FCC. The future of the open internet is at stake. I want to thank the many Coloradans who have expressed on social media and in calls to my office the importance of this issue.

Through subcommittees of the influential Energy and Commerce Committee, where I serve as a senior member, I took action this week on two ongoing high priorities:

Over the past six months, I’ve worked with Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY), my Diabetes Caucus co-chair, to determine the causes of the rising price of insulin. People with diabetes depend on this life-saving drug, but it is becoming out of reach for far too many, perhaps due to needless cost increases along the complicated supply chain that brings it to market. At a hearing of the Health Subcommittee focusing on drug pricing, I asked witnesses representing pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and insurers if they would commit to sharing information with us about this supply chain. Having this information, among other knowledge, will ensure that our inquiry gets to the root causes of sky-high insulin prices, which will help Congress determine the best ways to lower them.

I’m also holding Trump administration officials accountable for how they spend taxpayer funds. Last week, at a hearing of the Subcommittee on Environment, I asked EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to provide details on the purchase of a $25,000 soundproof booth for his office, and his vague answers greatly concerned me. I requested information on these actions months ago as well, and on Tuesday, the EPA Inspector General sent me a letter confirming that his office would investigation this purchase. The EPA faces a 30% cut in President Trump’s proposed budget, making it even more critical to determine whether Mr. Pruitt is a responsible steward of limited funding.

On Tuesday, I helped lift up the voices of the 17 women who have publicly accused President Trump of sexual misconduct. I joined nearly 150 members of Congress in sending a letter to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform urging them to launch an investigation into these claims. We can't ignore multiple sexual harassment allegations against one of the most powerful men in the world. All must be held accountable, which is why we must listen to these women and embark on a congressional investigation.

In the midst of these serious developments, there was still reason to celebrate. Wednesday was the first birthday of the 21st Century Cures Act, the revolutionary biomedical research bill I co-authored with Republican Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan. In the year since it was signed into law by President Obama, it has already lived up to its promise, strengthening critical research efforts such as Cancer Moonshot and the BRAIN Initiative, potentially saving millions of lives. I reflected on the law’s remarkable bipartisan support and future potential with my partner in this effort, Congressman Upton. I’m thankful that my Democratic and Republican colleagues have remained committed to ensuring its success. In a divisive year, Cures reminds us that saving lives is a goal we all share.

And even though today’s the deadline in many states to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Open Enrollment continues in Colorado until January 12, giving you additional time to sign up. If you already got covered this year, tell me about how easy it has been to enroll by sharing your story on my Facebook page. If you' haven't -- don't delay. Visit to find the plan that's right for you and your family. 

As always, you can visit my website where you can read my positions on issues and learn about the different ways my staff can assist you. While you’re there, be sure to visit the “Contact” page and send me an email about what matters most to you and your family. Finally, be sure to share this email with your friends, family, and neighbors so that they too can be a part of this important dialogue.


Diana DeGette
Member of Congress

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