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House Republicans heedlessly forged ahead with the Ryan tax plan this week at a marathon markup of the bill in the Ways and Means Committee. They introduced some adjustments to the plan today, but the fundamentals of this scheme remain the same: It will raise taxes for millions of middle-class Americans in order to give tax breaks to corporations and the ultra-wealthy. This massive giveaway to the rich, coming on the heels of proposed crippling cuts to federal programs, is another blow to American families who are being asked to make do with less.

Republicans have completely shut Democrats out of this effort, which will affect every American. This one-sided approach is no way to govern; I urge them to embrace bipartisan cooperation.They should look to the 21st Century Cures Act, our biomedical research bill that became law nearly a year ago, as a guide.

On Tuesday, I was honored to receive the Javits Prize for Bipartisan Leadership, recognizing my work to pass the law together with Republican congressman Fred Upton of Michigan. Carla, Joshua and Joy Javits, the children of the late Senator Jacob Javits for whom the award is named, presented me with this award in my Washington, DC office. Later that day at the official ceremony, Congressman Upton and I discussed the remarkable success of the law, a daunting legislative effort that ended up passing both houses of Congress with near-unanimous support. Bipartisanship isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly the best way to enact real and lasting change for all Americans, a priority that’s always on my mind. 


This week, I cosponsored the Tobacco to 21 Act (H.R.4273), which prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anybody under age 21. Smoking is a deadly, addictive habit that can harm human health even in limited amounts. Why on earth would we wish to expose our young people to its dangers? It is our moral obligation to ensure that the law does not favor the tobacco industry over the health and safety of our nation’s youth. This bill, which has also been introduced by colleagues in the Senate, would go a long way to keeping carcinogens out of young people’s hands – and throats, and lungs.

In other health news, now’s the time to go shopping — no, not for the holidays just yet, but for health insurance coverage. Open Enrollment for affordable and quality health coverage under the Affordable Care Act started last week and runs until January 12 in Colorado. Don’t delay – shop for plans at and get covered.

Saturday is Veterans Day, a special opportunity to honor the millions who have served our country. Most of us have friends or loved ones who are veterans, and we can all agree that our nation should reward their service and sacrifice in a meaningful way. This week, I supported several bills to improve the lives of our veterans. Among them are the Veterans Transplant Coverage Act of 2017 (H.R. 1133), the VALOR Act (H.R. 3949) and the Veterans Crisis Line Study Act of 2017 (H.R. 4173). All three seek real solutions to issues veterans face, including access to health care, finding good jobs and tackling PTSD. As we honor these brave men and women, let us pledge to do all we can to help them before, during and after their service. 

As always, you can visit my website, where you can read my positions on issues and learn about the different ways my staff can assist you. While you’re there, be sure to visit the “Contact” page and send me an email about what matters most to you and your family. Finally, be sure to share this email with your friends, family, and neighbors so that they too can be a part of this important dialogue.


Diana DeGette
Member of Congress

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