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Advancing Legislation to Improve Maternal Health Care

Last week, as Republican Leader of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I helped advance legislation to improve maternal health care. Even though there has been extensive innovation in health care and improvements in technology, recent reports have shown an increase in the number of women that are dying due to pregnancy complications.  The bills we advanced would further address maternal mortality and improve the health outcomes of expectant and new mothers by strengthening America’s maternal health care workforce and enhancing coverage for pregnant and postpartum women in Medicaid and SCHIP programs. The bills would also help improve rural access to maternal health services, something critical for our district.

The bills, which passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee, are now headed to the full House of Representatives. I will continue to work hard on this issue, and I look forward to moving these bills through the House and eventually to the President’s desk.

Working to Protect Communities from Nuclear Waste

The Energy and Commerce Committee also approved legislation that would finally fulfill the federal commitment to have a safe and permanent nuclear waste repository.  The Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2019 would ensure that nuclear waste is stored in Yucca Mountain, which both current law and science designate as the safest place for nuclear waste. Congress first designated Yucca Mountain as the key storage facility in 1978 after scientists found it could safely store nuclear waste for one million years.

Currently, instead of Yucca Mountain, nuclear waste is temporarily housed in facilities located in 121 different communities across the country, one being near the Columbia River at Hanford in Washington. Nuclear energy provides a critical source of affordable, safe, reliable, and emission-free power for our country and it’s important that we have a safe storage space for nuclear waste. The bill is now headed to the full House of Representatives.  In the last Congress, I helped lead the effort to gain bipartisan House passage of this measure.  While we got 340 votes in the House, the Senate ran out of time to take it up.  Hopefully, in this Congress we can finally get the job done and can ensure our communities are protected from nuclear waste.

Protecting Oregon Tourism 

Oregon’s Second District is blessed with many great wonders like Crater Lake, the Painted Hills, Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival or the Wallowa Mountains, to name a few. Tourism brings a great source of revenue to every part of our district – you know there aren’t a lot of places where you can ski in the morning, windsurf in the afternoon, and end your day with farm-to-table food and local craft beer, kombucha or wine! Brand USA has helped Travel Oregon get the word out about the many wonders Oregon has to offer.  Last week I helped advance legislation to which continues this important, national program which operates at NO COST to the taxpayers.  This bill will help entice foreign visitors to Oregon and across the United States, which will boost local economies and provide more jobs.

The bill is now headed to the full House of Representatives along with more than a dozen others measures that will help improve Oregon and our country.  The other bills help defend against cyber-attacks, expand rural broadband, and provide greater consumer protection. We made a lot of progress last week in the Energy and Commerce Committee and I look forward to continuing that bipartisan work to help improve the lives of Oregonians and Americans.

Commemorating Veterans Day in Central Oregon

I sure enjoyed celebrating Veterans Day in Central Oregon. On the eve of Veterans Day, I was honored to join Central Oregon Marines in celebrating the Marine Corps 244th Birthday at their Marine Corps Ball. I delivered the keynote speech had the chance to meet with many U.S. Marines and their families.  I also spoke with the incredibly inspiring Redmond Marine Corps JROTC.


Greg Walden presents a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol to Redmond Marine Corps JROTC.

On Veterans Day, I enjoyed coffee and conversation with veterans in Bend. Our veterans are truly inspiring and have given so much to this grateful nation. It is important that we give back to them, which is why one of my top priorities in Congress is ensuring that our veterans receive the services and support they deserve. The East Oregonian published my op-ed that details the importance of standing up for our nation’s veterans and Greg Walden enjoying coffee and conversation with veterans in Bend.what Congress can do to help. You can read my op-ed here.


Greg Walden enjoying coffee and conversation with veterans in Bend.

I also spent time with central Oregon veterans in October. I had the chance to meet with the Redmond Band of Brothers and the Central Oregon Submarine Group. I also held a roundtable discussion with a wide range of local leaders in LaPine. We discussed all sorts of important topics including forest management, cougar and wolf management and their impacts on the deer and elk populations, and the opioid epidemic and its impact on the local community.

Greg Walden Talks Opioid Epidemic in Southern Oregon

In October, I delivered congratulatory remarks at the Josephine County Drug Court Graduation.  At the graduation, I listened to stories from the young men and women who were part of the 69th Josephine County Drug Court graduating class. It was a great reminder that while we are making progress combating the opioid epidemic, more work remains.


Greg Walden delivers congratulatory remarks at the Josephine County Drug Court Graduation.

While in southern Oregon, I held a roundtable discussion with La Clinica and Rogue Community Health officials about what more needs to be done to combat the substance use epidemic. The roundtable discussion was another opportunity for me to hear from those on the front lines of the crisis. During the roundtable, we also discussed community health center (CHC) funding and the need to ensure that CHCs are fully funded. CHCs serve more than 240,000 Oregonians in our district.  In Washington, D.C., I’m helping to lead the effort to provide five years of full funding for our community health centers. 


Rep. Greg Walden Attends Drug Court Graduation in Josephine County

On Friday, eight more people graduated from the Josephine County drug court, bringing the total number of grads to 416. This drug court started in 1996 and NewsWatch12's Cassidy Delamarter is digging into the impact it's had on the community.

Friday's graduates saved tax payers more than $277,000 dollars by choosing drug court instead of incarceration. The program is voluntary and lasts between 12 and 18 months. The goal is to provide high-risk drug offenders with substance abuse treatment and the support they need to recover. Treatment includes counseling, education and the development of a personal support system. Charges can be dismissed upon successful graduation.

Click here to read more from KDRV.

Bringing $15.5 Million Grant for the City of Medford

Earlier this month the Department of Transportation (DOT) awarded the City of Medford a grant for $15.5 million to help expand the roadway along Foothill Road and North Phoenix Road in east Medford. This grant is great news for southern Oregon and will allow for better flow of traffic and safer conditions for those traveling along Foothill Road, while simultaneously providing jobs and fueling the economy. I worked closely with local officials and made the case directly to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.  I’m very appreciative of her and the Trump Administration’s support for improving transportation infrastructure in our part of Oregon.


Rep. Walden announces $15.5 million grant for Foothill Road expansion

Representative Greg Walden announced a $15.5 million federal grant for a construction project in Medford.

The city is actively working on a project to address a number of transportation issues. One of those projects is widening Foothill Road and North Phoenix Road by adding additional lanes.

Click here to read more from KOBI.

Commemorating the One-Year Anniversary of SUPPORT Act Becoming Law

Last month we commemorated the one-year anniversary of President Trump signing my bill, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, into law. The legislation, which became law on October 24, 2018 provided the most significant Congressional effort to combat the drug epidemic. Today, we are seeing fewer people die from overdose deaths and more people receiving medical care for their substance use disorder. Thanks to this bill, local caregivers and organizations are getting new funds to help provide assistance to those in need all across Oregon and the nation.

To commemorate the one-year anniversary, I attended a roundtable discussion on further efforts needed to combat the opioid epidemic. The discussion was hosted by First Lady Melania Trump and attended by many other key officials including the Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar. I also wrote an op-ed in the Bend Bulletin that highlighted the progress made by the SUPPORT Act and discussed what work remains to be done. You can read my op-ed here.

Ways My Office Can Help 

We recently helped a constituent get her DACA application approved. Her son was sick in the hospital and in need of an organ transplant. She is her son’s only caregiver and needed quick approval to remain in Oregon to take care of him. Our office ensured she was approved in time to stay in Oregon.

If you need help with any federal agency, please reach out to my office at 800-533-3303. My staff is available and ready to assist you with problems you are having with federal agencies, and my office will do everything in our power to get results for you.

That’s all for this update. Remember, you can always keep in touch with me via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon's Second District

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