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Greg Walden Remains Top in Town Halls 

I recently returned from another town hall swing, this time in Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow, Harney, and Wasco counties. I have now held 40 town halls this year, more than any other member of the Oregon Congressional Delegation and more than most Members of the House of Representatives.


Rep. Walden pictured at four different 2019 town halls.

Traveling across the district to hear from Oregonians is one of the best, and perhaps most important, parts of my job. Town halls are another important opportunity to hear what you have to say and I appreciate everyone that takes time out of their busy day to come out and participate.

Greg Walden Visits Crooked River Ranch and Talks Fire Safety

In August, I stopped by the Crooked River Ranch Fire Station to celebrate President Trump’s signing of legislation I championed to help protect the more than 5,000 people living in the area. The bill enables us to reduce the fire fuel loads that put the community in jeopardy. While I was there, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that they will begin implementation of this new law and start thinning work this winter. This is welcome news for  the people who live at Crooked River Ranch. 


Representative Walden presents the signed copy of the Crooked River Ranch legislation to local officials at Crooked River Ranch Fire Station. From left to right: Crooked River Ranch HOA Member Mitch Mitchener, Crooked River Ranch HOA Member Mike Folkestad, Former Fire Chief Rich Hoffman, Current Fire Chief Harry Ward, Rep. Greg Walden.

I also had the chance to meet with the Crooked River Ranch student firefighters. They shared with me stories about their experiences and what it is like to be a student firefighter. They could have chosen to spend their summer in many ways, but they chose to serve our community. Their service and sacrifice, as well as that of all first responders, is something I am truly grateful for.


Representative Walden meets with Crooked River Ranch Student Firefighters.



Walden delivers good news to Oregon firefighters on fire prevention, response bill


U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) last week gave some local firefighters in his home state a reason to celebrate.

The congressman visited the Crooked River Ranch Fire Station in Terrebonne, Ore., to commend a bipartisan, bicameral bill he introduced in January that became law in March and will improve fire prevention and response activities in the area.

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Greg Walden Continues Fight to Stop the Opioid Crisis 

The opioid crisis has touched every corner of our great state and nation, and it is going to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to combat it. Last month, Oregon received a variety of federal funds to help combat the issues. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $4,509,000 to 27 health centers in Oregon, nine of which are in the Second District. Health centers in Boardman, Klamath Falls, Medford, La Pine, Prineville, Hood River, Grants Pass, and Enterprise will receive a combined total of $1,503,000 in federal funds that will help enable local health centers to increase availability of mental health and substance use disorder services. In addition, HHS awarded $1 million to the Oregon Washington Health Network in Eastern Oregon. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) also chipped in to help Oregon and awarded Oregon Health Authority about $3 million in federal funds to help improve surveillance of the epidemic, which help improve prevention and response efforts.

This money is just one important aspect of the fight. Combined with the initiatives in the SUPPORT for Patents and Communities Act -- my bill that became law last year -- other grant funding our state has received, the hard work of medical professionals and law enforcement working on the front lines of this crisis, and continued support from the Administration, we are doing more than ever before to get help to people in our communities.


Rep. Walden holds a roundtable discussion on mental health, the substance use crisis, and community health care in John Day.

At the end of August, I visited Community Counseling Solutions in John Day.  I had a productive roundtable discussion with local public health, government, and law enforcement officials. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the issues that local communities face regarding mental health and substance use. We also discussed how the VA MISSION Act is being implemented and what can be done to continue to ensure that veterans receive timely access to quality health care, especially in rural communities.


Walden hears mental health issues from local professionals

Opioid and meth abuse, veterans services and funding support for vital programs — Rep. Greg Walden heard detailed concerns about these issues from professionals at the Community Counseling Services office in John Day on Aug. 29.

CCS Executive Director Kimberly Lindsay said she was surprised and delighted when Walden’s office contacted them one week earlier and offered to meet CCS staff in person.

Grant County Judge Scott Myers, Commissioner Jim Hamsher and Sheriff Glenn Palmer also attended the meeting.

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Greg Walden Supports Expanding Rural Broadband

Expanding access to high speed broadband is critical if we want to narrow the urban/rural digital divide Too many Oregonians lack access to reliable broadband internet service and thus access to things like telemedicine, remote learning, next generation emergency services, and video streaming. Thankfully, this month the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took steps to help expand access to rural Oregonians by authorizing $67.6 million to improve rural broadband.


Click here or on the image above to listen to Rep. Walden’s remarks on rural broadband mapping. 

Another issue that impedes on people’s access to rural broadband is simply the lack of data. The FCC’s rural broadband map is long overdue for an update to ensure that we have accurate broadband mapping. Take the community of Weston in eastern Oregon as an example. Mayor Jennifer Spurgeon described their internet service as “dial up, just without the modem noise.” They frequently experience sub-megabit speeds. You can imagine they were surprised to learn they have 100-megabit service according to the FCC’s map. Just the other day, I spoke at the House Energy and Commerce Technology Subcommittee hearing on broadband and shared my concerns as we look at ways to improve the situation. I will continue to monitor this issue and work to ensure rural Oregonians have access to the services they need.

Greg Walden Commemorates September 11th 


Click here or on the image above to listen to Rep. Walden’s reflection on 9/11.

We recently commemorated the 18th anniversary of September 11th. We all remember where we were, what we were doing, where our family was. For me, I was in Washington, D.C at what is called the “House Triangle.” We were about to do a news conference on an issue affecting the West. The Capitol was right behind me. As we were beginning the news conference, an officer on a motorcycle drove by, stopped, saw us, and added, “get out of here, they just hit the Pentagon!” and pointed to the sky and said, “another plane is headed towards the Capitol.”

There was a lot of loss of life that day. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who survived, and the families of the victims and certainly to our first responders. We must never forget what happened on September 11th, and we must double down on our efforts to make sure it never happens again. God bless our first responders, our active duty men and women, and the veterans who have served this country.

Ways My Office Can Help 

We recently helped a constituent get his visa for studying abroad in France. He was told it would take three weeks.  After waiting five weeks, he contacted our team and we were able to cut through the red tape and get him his visa in time to start school.

If you need help with any federal agency, please reach out to my office at 800-533-3303. My staff is available and ready to assist you with problems you are having with federal agencies, and my office will do everything in our power to get results for you.

That’s all for this update. Remember, you can always keep in touch with me via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon's Second District

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