Dear 6th District, 

Over the past few weeks in our fight against COVID-19, communities across the United States have seen the importance of our institutions, and the irreplaceable services provided by our local governments. We have witnessed our community leaders and service providers work around the clock to keep us safe during this crisis.  All of these efforts receive funding that is determined in part through Census data. 


Every ten years the federal government undertakes a massive operation to count every single person who lives in the United States. Regardless of age, immigration status, or income, our government must count every one of us. The information that is collected through the Census dictates how federal funds are allocated and sent back to the Sacramento region. These funds go towards affordable housing, communal parks and roads, accessible healthcare, vital food programs, emergency response personnel, public schools and daycare centers, and so much more. Programs that are vital to our community right now and as we move forward. 


This year, it has never been easier or safer to complete the Census for your household. On March 12th, the U.S. Census Bureau mailed every household an invitation to complete the Census online or by phone. With that invitation, you can go to and easily complete the census in just a few minutes. Your responses to the Census are completely confidential and protected by federal law.  A successful and complete Census count of everyone in our country is vital to serving our families and our region. 

From the safety of our homes, we all have an opportunity to serve our community and to help ensure strong funding for programs that will serve future generations. The Census is one of the most important ways to engage in our democracy and help get federal resources for our community. Make sure to count everyone in your home, including young children! 


For more information about our region’s efforts, please visit If you need information in a different language, you can call 844-330-2020.

If you are interested in seeing District 06 response rate, click here!


As we continue to face this crisis together, please follow me on social media to learn the latest about what I am doing in response to COVID-19. I will also continue to provide regular updates through these newsletters going forward. Please pass this information along to friends and community members, or direct them to my website where all of this information will be posted after it is sent out. 



Stay well and keep healthy!