Dear Friends,

Today, I voted with my colleagues in Congress to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program with another $310 billion in financial relief for small businesses. Additionally, the legislation passed today set aside $60 billion of the $310 billion exclusively for small lenders, such as credit unions and community banks. I hope this infusion of funds will help many small businesses in the Central Valley stay afloat as we continue to navigate the Coronavirus outbreak.

Separately, here’s an article detailing the Central Valley’s push to administer Coronavirus antibody testing.

Finally, the Central California Blood Center is the first blood center in the nation to supply local and national hospitals with pathogen-reduced, convalescent plasma from recovered Coronavirus patients for patients currently combating Coronavirus. If you have recently recovered from Coronavirus and are interested in participating, please click here for more information. For other helpful resources regarding Coronavirus, visit the Coronavirus Updates page on my website here.


Devin Nunes
Member of Congress

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