Dear Friends,

Today, the Trump administration issued an immediate foreclosure and eviction moratorium for single family homeowners with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured mortgages for the next 60 days. Under these guidelines, homeowners with FHA-insured mortgages facing hardship due to the Coronavirus can get immediate relief to ensure they are not evicted or foreclosed upon during this uncertain time.

Additionally, the City of Fresno issued a controversial order today recommending that Fresno’s residents voluntarily shelter in place despite opposition to the order from the City of Clovis and Fresno County. No cities in Tulare County are affected by the order. You can get more details on the order in this story from The San Joaquin Valley Sun. Rest assured that I will keep you informed as we move ahead.

Lastly, I want to ensure you are equipped with the contact information for your local health officials. I've compiled the contact information for the Fresno County Department of Public Health and the Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency, as well as updates from the CDC, at my website.


Devin Nunes
Member of Congress 

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