News from Representative Cummings

June 17, 2016

Dear Friend,

As a descendant of slaves and son of two sharecroppers, I am always proud to celebrate Juneteenth.

On June 19th, 1865, Union soldiers led by Major General Gordon Granger landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that all slaves were now free. This news, nearly two years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, brought freedom to thousands of slaves in what was the western parts of the United States. Juneteenth Day is the oldest known celebration of the end of American slavery.

Juneteenth is a day of thanksgiving; it is a day on which we rejoice in the freedoms we enjoy and look ahead to a time when we can be completely free from the legacy of slavery.

This Juneteenth, let us recommit ourselves to protecting the progress made by generations of African-Americans, and continue moving toward creating a country that ensures freedom and opportunity for all its citizens.


Elijah E. Cummings
Member of Congress

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