Dear Friend,

Over the past week we’ve seen people in our communities and across the country rise up to speak out powerfully against the police brutality and racism that have taken the lives of too many Black Americans.

George Floyd’s unjust death is not an isolated event. Tragically, his death symbolizes the consequence of centuries of racism, discrimination, and oppression in our country. We can’t ignore the reality of racism while the lives of Black adults and children are at risk every single day. I stand in solidarity with our Black community members, and this weekend I joined the Beaverton Black Parent Union’s Black Family Unity Walk. It was meaningful to see so many people join together to stand up against racism.


Police brutality and racial profiling inflict death and pain and corrode our communities. We cannot bring back those whose lives have been lost, but we can hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and make systemic changes to save the lives of Black Americans and other people of color. I’m co-sponsoring Congresswoman Pressley’s resolution to condemn police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force. These cruel and unjust practices cannot continue.

At a time when our country needs strong leadership to come together and finally address systemic injustice, President Trump chose to attack peaceful protestors – who were exercising their First Amendment rights – for a self-serving photo op. It is outrageous for him to deploy the military against our own people. This is a betrayal of the President’s responsibility to protect all Americans and another example of his abuse of power.

Racism has many forms. It shows up as discrimination, unequal treatment, and disparate outcomes in health, education, career opportunities, and our criminal justice system. It has made Black Americans live in fear. As a parent, I acknowledge with sorrow that parents of Black children need to have conversations about safety with their children that I never had to have with mine. It’s wrong. It’s heartbreaking. And it has been happening for too long. As Chair of the Education and Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services, I’m committed to fighting for true equality in all areas and advocating for legislation that will make needed changes across our systems.

Thank you for continuing to contact my team and me about the issues that matter most to our community. Together, let us demand change and stand against discrimination wherever we see it.



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