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Over the years, I’ve helped people as a consumer protection attorney, supported public schools as a volunteer, raised two wonderful children, served as a state legislator, and I’m now honored to represent beautiful NW Oregon in the US House of Representatives. Eight years ago, when I took my first oath of office in Congress, I swore to support and defend the US Constitution. I thought of that oath often as the House considered whether to impeach President Trump.  

voted for impeachment because of the overwhelming evidence that President Trump abused his power by asking a foreign country to meddle in our election and then trying to cover up his wrongdoing by obstructing the House’s investigation. History will judge the Senate’s vote yesterday to acquit President Trump. As the House continues our work on behalf of the American people, we will build on the hundreds of bipartisan bills we have already passed—and continue to uphold our Constitutional duty to be a vigorous check on the Trump administration.

Join Me at a Town Hall Meeting in April

Every year I hold town hall meetings around NW Oregon so I can hear firsthand from the people I’m honored to represent. My spring series of town hall meetings will include six events in April. Please join me! There will be additional details for each event on my website soon. All weekday events will be in the evening.  

Vernonia   Monday, April 6 
Tigard   Tuesday, April 7 
Portland   Saturday, April 11 
Warrenton   Monday, April 13 
McMinnville   Tuesday, April 14 
Hillsboro   Thursday, April 16 

We All Need Health Care

ImageAccess to health care is a human right, but far too often people in our community face communication, cultural, and financial barriers that prevent them from accessing care. That’s why I brought Serena Cruz, the Executive Director of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation and an advocate for health care accessibility and immigrant rights, as my guest at the State of the Union address.  

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center provides critical health care services and is named for a six-year-old daughter of migrant farm workers who died after a cut in her foot became infected. If she had been able to access health care, Virginia would have turned 51 years old last month. Today, Serena reports that the clinic is seeing pregnant women who are too afraid to seek the prenatal care they need because of the frequent attacks by President Trump and his administration on immigrants and people of color. We must stand up for all members of our community. In Congress, I am committed to stopping hateful policies and fighting for increased access to health care for all. 


Helping Lift the Burden of Student Debt

ImageAddressing the high cost of higher education is one of my priorities, and one of the reasons I entered public service. Students today face a very different reality than I did: I was able to work my way through community college, a bachelor’s degree, and a law degree with a manageable amount of debt. When I sent out a survey about student loans last fall, more than 700 people responded. They described their student debt as being stressful, burdensome, painful, and overwhelming.  

To help these borrowers and others like them, I recently held a clinic on student loan debt with a national expert. There are commonsense steps that Congress can take to address crushing student debt, like making it easier for borrowers to access and stay in affordable repayment plans. The House Education & Labor Committee included that provision and several others I drafted in the College Affordability Act. I hope the House will vote on this legislation soon to provide needed relief to students and borrowers. 

At Home and at the Border, 

Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies Cause Harm

I recently visited the Southern Border to investigate the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico policy, which has stranded tens of thousands of asylum-seekers in dirty and dangerous tent camps. In Matamoros, Mexico, I saw families and many children living in squalor, without running water or adequate food. This is no way to treat families who are coming to the United States to escape violence or persecution and who have the right to request asylum under international law.

ImageWhen I returned home I met with nine asylum-seekers, including an unaccompanied child, who are participating in the legal asylum process. They told me about the dangers they fled and the hardship they have experienced here, all in the hope of making their case for asylum and building a better life in the United States of America.  

Too often this administration has attacked immigrants and fueled racism and xenophobia. In a roundtable discussion with a dozen local advocates, I heard about how fear and anxiety is clouding the lives of our immigrant neighbors, including Dreamers who have known no other home and now risk being deported. I stand with our immigrant neighbors and our friends, who are an integral part of our communities and must be treated with dignity. 

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