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Now that the House is conducting public impeachment hearings, we are hearing directly from civil servants who witnessed President Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating a political rival. These actions are an unacceptable abuse of power that put our national security at risk. I have supported an impeachment inquiry since May and, after sitting in on and watching the hearings, it is clear to me that the President abused his office, obstructed justice, and betrayed the American people. I will continue to closely review testimony and monitor the proceedings as they move forward.

The House is doing more than holding impeachment hearings. Recently we have advanced legislation that will benefit Oregon and our country, and I’m proud to have worked on several bills that will help students, families, and seniors: the Dignity in Aging Act and the College Affordability Act. And, I’m continuing to fight to prevent gun violence, address the climate crisis, and strengthen our democracy.

Helping Hungry Students

ImageHealthy meals help students grow and reach their full potential. I continue to strongly oppose the Trump administration’s SNAP proposal that will prevent nearly 1 million hungry children from automatically accessing free school meals. As chair of the Civil Rights and Human Services Subcommittee, I led a hearing to question the Trump administration about these harmful changes. And too often I hear about hunger on college campuses. To help students who are experiencing food insecurity, I introduced the Opportunity to Address College Hunger Act to make sure food-insecure students who are eligible for SNAP are aware of their eligibility and have the support they need to secure these benefits. 

Tackling Prescription Drug Costs

ImageAction to address skyrocketing prescription drug costs is long overdue. I recently released a report showing that drug companies are charging much more for insulin in the U.S. than abroad, hurting Oregonians and people across the country. No one should have to jeopardize their health or worry about affording food because of exorbitant prices for insulin and other life-saving drugs. I support the Lower Drug Costs Now Act to stop these disparities and to allow Medicare to negotiate for better prices, and I’m pleased that the House is working on this important legislation.

Standing Up For Science

ImageWe all benefit from clean air and clean water, but Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is waging an assault on the science that informs laws and regulations intended to carry out the EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment. When I questioned EPA Administrator Wheeler about his Agency’s proposed ‘Censored Science’ rule, his testimony was deceptive and misleading. I’ve called for an independent assessment of the proposed rule, and I’ll continue to stand up for the environment and the health of our communities and challenge the EPA’s attempts to limit the use of science.

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