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With the impeachment inquiry progressing in the House, this is a serious time for our country. I’ve supported an impeachment inquiry since May because of the grave national security risk and betrayal of trust that President Trump’s actions represent. His effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating a political rival is an example of his unacceptable abuse of power.

Our founders understood the importance of checks and balances among the three separate and independent branches of government.  They included impeachment as a check on executive power because of their concerns that the President could abuse that power or act against our country’s laws and priorities to benefit himself. Now we must get to the bottom of what happened to restore the public’s trust, and to protect our national security.

I just held six town hall meetings to hear from you directly—thank you to everyone who joined in! Here’s more about what I’ve been working on in Congress.



Alleviating Student Loan Debt

ImageRecently I launched a survey to hear from Oregonians about how student loan debt is affecting their lives. More than 750 people responded, many with moving stories about how crushing debt has forced them to postpone marriage, buying a home, or having children. In particular I heard from teachers, firefighters, and other public servants about how they’d built their careers on the promise of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program—only to be let down. We must address the dismal failures within this valuable program so it can live up to its promise of encouraging people to enter and stay in public service.

I’m leading major legislation to make college more affordable and accessible. There are many steps we can and should take to help students and borrowers achieve their dreams without facing unreasonable debt. I look forward to sharing more with you this fall as the House moves to pass the College Affordability Act, which includes my proposals to update the work study program to better meet the needs of students, improve the student loan system, support students with disabilities, and strengthen financial counseling for student borrowers.  

Supporting Seniors

ImageAll seniors should be able to age with dignity, but too many go without the care they need and deserve. I’m fortunate that my ninety-one-year-old mom is nearby so I can help care for her, but I worry about seniors who don’t have someone to help them navigate the challenges of aging. 

I was proud to lead a bipartisan effort to improve the Older Americans Act — vital legislation that makes sure 11 million seniors around the country have support and services like Meals on Wheels. This legislation passed the House Education and Labor Committee a few weeks ago, and I look forward to seeing in pass in the full House and then working with the Senate to continue to build on the successes achieved in this bill until no senior is left invisible or unsupported. 

Stepping Up for Our Ocean

ImageWe must pay attention to the severe consequences of climate change on our ocean—and the incredible promise of the ocean to be part of the solution. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a comprehensive assessment of what the climate crisis means for our ocean, sea ice, glaciers, and the Arctic. The findings are dire. We can’t let the ocean continue to take the heat for our inaction, and that’s why I stepped up to lead a resolution committing to implementing ocean-centric solutions to the climate crisis in coordination with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I also shared my vision for how we can help capture the power of the ocean to mitigate the climate crisis in a Medium post.  

In Case You Missed It

  • Adelante Mujeres is empowering women and girls in Washington County with a range of amazing programs.
  • Hundreds of students came to the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center in Scappoose to learn about good-paying jobs and innovation opportunities in today’s manufacturing industries.
  • I celebrated the launch of a new wave energy device built right here in Oregon with funds I helped secure from the US Department of Energy and support from the Republic of Ireland.
  • My bill to ban asbestos and protect workers is advancing in the House!
  • According to the Department of Agriculture’s own analysis, its proposed changes to SNAP will cut automatic access to free school meals for close to 1 million children. I chaired a committee hearing to question the Trump administration about its harmful proposal and will do everything I can to prevent child hunger.


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