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Town hall meetings are an important part of my work to represent Northwest Oregon in Congress. Please join me next month at my town hall meetings in McMinnville, Portland, Astoria, Gaston, Hillsboro, and Clatskanie. 

Making the Mueller Report Public

The public deserves to see Special Counsel Mueller’s full report and the documents underlying it. Despite the conclusions of Attorney General Barr, there are still many outstanding questions about the President’s actions and conflicts of interest. The U.S. House of Representatives will continue to fulfill its responsibility to independently investigate these issues and their repercussions on our democracy.

Sweeping Reforms to Restore Our Democracy and Expand Voting Rights


Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. Unfortunately, voter suppression and out-of-control campaign spending have prevented many people from accessing the ballot box and limited their voice in government. The House has taken action to restore our democracy and protect voting rights by passing the historic For the People Act.

The For the People Act will expand the voter protections Oregon has pioneered to the rest of the country, including our groundbreaking automatic voter registration system. This legislation will also protect the integrity of our elections by requiring paper ballots nationwide. It will also end the influence of “dark money” by requiring any organization involved in political activities to disclose its donors. The For the People Act is a step in restoring confidence in our elections and in government.  

Making Progress in Efforts to Address Climate Crisis 

ImageThe Select Committee on the Climate Crisis met for the first time this week to chart a path for how we will approach our important work. In an op-ed in The Oregonian, I called for action and outlined my vision for what we must do to make a meaningful difference on this issue. Then, I spoke on the House Floor to remind my colleagues that our children and grandchildren’s futures depend on our actions today. Finally, I was proud to cosponsor the first bill on the climate crisis of this Congress. The Climate Action Now Act will make sure that we uphold our commitments under the Paris Climate Accord to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

Standing Up for Workers


My grandfather was a coal miner, and he lost his leg in the mines. In 2019, we should be able to keep worksites safe for workers. Shockingly, the US still has not banned asbestos, and every year firefighters, construction workers, and even teachers and students are exposed to this known cancer-causing chemical. I’ve partnered with Senator Merkley to introduce the Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act to finally ban asbestos once and for all.

Additionally, gender-based wage discrimination continues to be an injustice to millions of working families. The Paycheck Fairness Act, which passed the House with bipartisan support, will help achieve equal pay for equal work by eliminating loopholes and stepping up enforcement. With this bill, we can finally disrupt a national cycle of discriminatory pay that keeps too many women and families in poverty.  

Fairness and Equity in Education

It is unconscionable that our country has yet to fulfill its commitment to educate Native American students. After OPB uncovered very troubling conditions at the Chemawa Indian School in Oregon last year, I pressed the Director of the Bureau of Indian Education for answers about a list of problems at Chemawa. The Bureau still hasn’t given us a satisfactory response—and now another student has died shortly after leaving the school. Robert Lee Tillman was just 15 years old. Along with several colleagues in the Oregon delegation, I’ve called for Congressional hearings on this issue so we can get answers and find ways to support the school and its students before any more students are harmed.

I’ve also been working on affordable higher education. Any qualified student should have the opportunity to benefit from higher education without being burdened by debt. As the college admissions scandal draws attention, we must recognize that this case highlights systemic inequities that have existed for decades. Students of color, first generation students, and low-income students often have to overcome racism, lack of resources, and institutional barriers just to get in the door. That’s unacceptable, and unjust. As I work with my colleagues on the Committee on Education and Labor to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, we will carefully consider inequity in college admissions and work to address it.

Don't Forget: Deadline for the Congressional Art Competition

The 2019 Congressional Art Competition is a wonderful opportunity for high school students who live or attend school in the First Congressional District to share their talents with people who visit the U.S. Capitol from all over the world. Submissions are due to my Beaverton Office by 5 pm on Friday, April 26th. Find more details here.


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