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After a 35-day shutdown, President Trump finally relented and allowed the government to reopen. The infuriating and unconscionable shutdown went on far too long, hurting hundreds of thousands of federal employees and their families. I heard from many Oregonians who faced severe financial hardship, eviction threats, stress, and hunger because of the shutdown. 

Oregonians like Robin in Beaverton, a proud Coast Guard mom who told me that one of her sons lost an apartment because he couldn’t afford to put down a deposit without being paid.  

TSA employee at Portland International Airport and his wife sold plasma to make ends meet.

Michelle, a Coast Guard spouse in Astoria, who discovered that her 16-year-old was skipping meals because he was worried there wouldn’t be enough food for his younger siblings.

And the many federal employees who told me they were worried about making payments on student loans because they weren’t getting paid. 


Over the course of the shutdown, the House voted eleven times to fund the government. Instead of bringing those bills up for a vote, the Senate let President Trump call the shots—the President who said he would be "proud to shut down the government." President Trump owes federal workers and their families an apology.

Now that the government is open, I look forward to engaging in bipartisan negotiations about how to improve border security and reform our immigration system.  

As we reflect on this needless and harmful shutdown, my thoughts are with the families who will be trying to catch up on their bills and get back to normal. The federal government can and must do better. I will do everything I can to make sure a shutdown does not happen again. 

P.S. My office is here to help. If you are dealing with any adverse effects because of the prolonged shutdown and need assistance, please call my office at (503) 469-6010. 


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