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It has been exciting to start working with my new colleagues in the House. We welcomed several amazing, qualified members-elect, including many women. The diversity of the incoming members better reflects the population of our country, and their voices will help Congress better address the issues that matter most.

I will continue working on the issues that matter most to you: climate change, affordable health care, quality public education, strengthening our workforce, and more.

Averting a Climate Crisis

In its latest attempt to diminish science, the Trump administration released the Fourth National Climate Assessment on the day after Thanksgiving when they thought no one was paying attention. But make no mistake - we noticed, and we will fight for real action to protect our environment.

The National Climate Assessment is too important—and too urgent—to ignore. Without intervention, we will see heat waves, more acidic oceans, raging wildfires, unprecedented hurricanes, rising sea levels, and a surge in extreme weather patterns – all in our lifetime. Every day until the new Congress starts and Democrats are in the Majority, I will be sharing on Twitter important findings from the report. Please like, share, and retweet #ClimateCrisisCountdown to raise awareness about climate change and how it affects us all.

Investing in On-the-Job Training

Efforts to get our economy back on track have benefited some, but far too many workers are still struggling to make ends meet. This month, I spoke on the House floor in honor of National Apprenticeship Week and Women in Apprenticeship Day to advocate for more investments in apprenticeships and work-based learning programs.

In Oregon, we're leading the way. Women's participation in Registered Apprenticeship programs is more than double the national average. Industry partnerships, like those at the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, support the creation of apprenticeship programs that benefit workers and the economy as a whole. I stand ready to fight for policies to help more people access better-paying jobs and meet the demands of our local employers.


Standing Up for the LGBTQ Community

The Trump administration is proposing to redefine ‘gender’ in a way that would take away protections for 1.3 million transgender Americans and for those who are gender non-binary or intersex. I firmly oppose these harmful efforts. Equality for everyone and the right to privacy are fundamental American values that we hold dear as Oregonians. I stand with those in the transgender community and will continue to speak out when anyone disrespects you or tries to silence your voice. 

Don't Forget: It's Time to Sign Up for Health Care!

Open Enrollment for health insurance only lasts until December 15, so don’t miss your chance to get covered for 2019. Most people qualify for financial help and eight in ten people can get covered for less than $75 per month. Find a plan here.


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