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As a mom and a policymaker, I’m alarmed by the Trump Administration's new policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border. Many of the families that ICE is tearing apart are seeking asylum from horrific violence in their home countries – and seeking asylum is legal. The Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy is cruel, heartless, and wrong. In Congress I am taking action to call for the end of this policy and to stop the funding that allows it to continue.

This month I also spoke out for net neutrality and against the dismantling of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and I encourage you to make your voice heard too.

Here’s what else I’ve been working on:

Standing Up for All Students

The Trump Administration continues to attack public education, equity in education, and access to higher education. It’s been a busy month. In Education Secretary DeVos’ first appearance before the House Education Committee, I pressed her to take action on gun violence in schools and discrimination against LGBTQ students. I spoke out against inequity in education that leaves students of color behind. And I challenged Trump’s Education Department to rethink their policy of ending state consumer protections for victims of unscrupulous student loan companies. Despite these challenges, I am always encouraged when I talk with Oregon students, including during recent visits to Tigard, Beaverton, PCC Rock Creek, Hillsboro, and Warrenton. 

Bad for Families, Bad for Farmers

The Farm Bill should provide needed research and support to our family farmers and a safety net against food insecurity to tens of thousands of families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Unfortunately, Republican leaders have proposed harmful cuts that would leave many vulnerable people in jeopardy. Nutrition programs such as SNAP and healthy school meals are critical to helping struggling families escape the devastating effects of poverty and hunger. I recently heard from Oregon advocates, including several faith-based leaders, about how important it is to protect these programs. I will continue fighting for a Farm Bill that supports our families, farmers, and communities.  

Creating Opportunities and Economic Growth

We need an economy that works for everyone, but too many people in Oregon are stuck in low-wage jobs and don’t have the skills they need to get a better-paying job. The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center in Scappoose is an innovative solution that will provide training opportunities for students and workers to learn cutting-edge skills, and also help businesses by providing research and development in advanced manufacturing. The trades are an essential part of the economy, and I enjoyed touring a training facility supported by IBEW and the National Electrical Contractors Association that is helping people gain the skills and experience needed to safely repair and maintain our power lines. 

Improving our Infrastructure and our Environment

Building and maintaining infrastructure is a good investment. I have been working with local leaders to secure federal resources for safety and storage upgrades at Hagg Lake and Scoggins Dam that will ensure a water supply for the region and protect lives and communities in the event of a Cascadia earthquake. Smart infrastructure also means restoring our environment. I was proud that my provision to restore part of Clatsop County’s Walluski River to wetland and salmon habitat passed the House in the Water Resources and Development Act. Through habitat restoration projects and smart infrastructure upgrades, we can prepare our communities for a brighter and greener future.  

You can find more updates about my work around NW Oregon and in Washington, DC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also contact my Oregon and Washington, DC offices with questions, comments, or for assistance with a federal agency. This mailbox is not monitored. To contact me via email, please use this secure web form.


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