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Keeping ourselves and our families healthy is important, and that's why I've worked to protect and expand access to affordable health care under the Affordable Care Act. Shopping for health insurance at could save you money through assistance and subsidies, or it could help you find a plan that better suits your health care needs and your family's needs. The continuing rising cost of health care is a challenge that I am working to address with my colleagues in Congress. But many Oregonians can find quality, affordable coverage when comparing options for 2018. In fact, 77 percent of Oregonians qualified for financial assistance that lowered the average price of coverage to under $148 a month in 2017.

Enrollment for coverage in 2018 is open now at and lasts until December 15—that's just six weeks to make sure you are covered. Even if you already have insurance, it's a good idea to compare plans and make sure you have the most affordable insurance plan that offers the best coverage for your needs.

Free help is available if you would like assistance enrolling in a plan or updating your information. Call 1-855-268-3767, attend an enrollment event near you, or contact a partner agent in your county. Support is available in sixteen languages.

You must enroll by December 15, 2017 for new or updated coverage that will start on January 1. If you are one of the 136,000 Oregonians who already gets coverage through the exchange and you don't make any changes by December 15, you will automatically be re-enrolled in your current plan.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 20 million more people across the country now have health insurance coverage. About 95 percent of Oregonians and 98 percent of children in Oregon are covered. I remain committed to protecting the Affordable Care Act and making sure that any action we take improves, not weakens, health care for Oregonians.

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Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici


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