News from Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

June 30, 2017

Dear Friend,

This month we celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, marking the tremendous progress we've made and recognizing the distance still to go before we achieve full equality. As a Member of Congress, I'm committed to equity and protecting the vulnerable in our communities. I'm looking forward to serving as the co-chair of the bipartisan Elder Justice Caucus, and will work to protect seniors from physical, emotional, or financial abuse.

Thanks to all of you who joined my recent telephone town hall meeting and shared your thoughts about the issues that matter to you. I value your input, and it informs my work in Washington, DC. On July 6th I'll be co-hosting a town hall meeting with Senator Wyden in Beaverton. You can find details about the time and location here.

Here are some more details about what I've been working on this month:

TrumpCare Delayed, but not Dead
Earlier this week, the Senate delayed a vote on the harmful health care bill. This is a positive step, but TrumpCare is not dead. Republican leadership will do everything possible to pass a health care repeal bill before August. I appreciate everyone who has called, emailed, and shared personal stories about the Affordable Care Act and how it has helped them and their families. TrumpCare means paying more for less coverage. The proposal puts the most vulnerable people at risk of losing coverage, including many low-income seniors and children who are covered through Medicaid. I recently met with a group of doctors at OHSU who are concerned that the proposed bill would interfere with the progress we're making to address the opioid crisis in our communities. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office determined the Senate version of TrumpCare will result in 22 million people losing health care coverage in the next decade. That's 22 million too many. I'm ready, willing, and able to work with my colleagues across the aisle to find ways to improve access to health care coverage.

Bipartisan Career and Technical Education Update Passed!
There is good news to report. The House passed a bipartisan update to federal Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. These hands-on classes help engage students and prepare them for good careers. I've visited CTE classes across NW Oregon, including the automotive technology class at Aloha High School, the viticulture class at Yamhill Carlton High School, and the marine biology courses at Astoria High School. Strengthening these programs with increased funding, and giving more students access to innovative CTE classes will help students excel in school, in higher education, and in the workforce.

Holding President Trump Accountable
This month I joined nearly 200 Members of Congress in filing a lawsuit against President Trump for violating the Constitution's anti-corruption clause. The Emoluments Clause prohibits the President from accepting foreign payments without the consent of Congress. President Trump has refused to fully disclose how he plans to avoid conflicts of interest with his businesses. In the meantime, Trump companies have received new trademarks in China, brokered business deals in Saudi Arabia, and foreign governments continue to pay for office space and hotel rooms at Trump properties. The American people deserve to know that the President will focus on keeping the nation secure and improving the lives of Americans, not on his own financial interests.

Damaging Our Climate and Our International Leadership
Climate change is real, and it's a threat to the planet, the economy, and national security. As the top Democrat on the Environment Subcommittee, I know that addressing climate change is both an economic issue and a moral imperative. Under President Obama, the United States was serious about addressing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing climate change. Obama showed international leadership by working with nearly 200 nations to sign the historic Paris Climate Agreement. Air and water pollution don't recognize international borders, so we must respond with international unity. But President Trump's unilateral decision to withdraw from the Agreement moves us closer to irreparable damage to our planet's health. I'm proud of Oregon, other West Coast states, and many businesses across the country for stepping up to continue making progress to reduce emissions and support innovative green technologies.

You can find more updates about my work around NW Oregon and in Washington, DC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also contact my Oregon and Washington, DC offices with questions, comments, or for assistance with a federal agency. This mailbox is not monitored. To contact me via email, please use this secure web form.


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