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Last week, the House majority again refused to compromise on a package to help us recover from the COVID-19 outbreak. As students continue with their school year and businesses struggle to re-open, it is critical they receive the support they need from the federal government. I voted against this partisan legislation because it put Speaker Pelosi’s political priorities ahead of the real needs of the American people during this pandemic. Read my full statement here.

Instead, I advanced some non-partisan policies that would benefit our entire state. Check out what I was up to last week in Washington below…

Supporting Our Nation’s Teachers

Last week, I introduced the Safe Teachers Assistance and Return To School (STARTS) Act to assist educators who have returned to the workplace for in-person teaching. As the father of seven children, I believe in-person learning is vital for students. I am glad to see some of our schools reopening and returning to normal. However, I understand the burden this puts on our educators to keep our students safe.

I am dedicated to supporting our teachers as they ensure a safe learning environment. This legislation will help reduce the financial burden of any out-of-pocket purchases they make. Read more about this legislation here.


Congressman Emmer touring DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science in Ham Lake, MN in 2018.

Fighting For A Cure: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is a cruel disease that tears mothers from their children, wives from their husbands, and daughters from their parents. Having lost a sister to this disease, I know this pain to be all too real. My sister, Bridget, passed away from breast cancer, and my family was devastated watching her fight this terrible disease.


Congressman Emmer with his sister Bridget.

I have consistently recognized the importance of medical research by prioritizing increased funding for the National Institutes of Health. Through their research, I hope we will find a cure.

I also supported the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA). I was proud to see this pass the House and hope it will receive consideration in the Senate. This legislation would ensure a well-trained palliative care workforce through training, awareness, and enhanced research.


Every year, during their visit to Washington D.C., the Minnesota Cancer Action Center lights a candle to honor my sister, Bridget’s memory.

While we have made leaps and bounds in taking measures to prevent breast cancer, I believe that we must remain committed to preventing this unforgiving disease. Let us take this month to rededicate ourselves to eradicating breast cancer once and for all.

National Manufacturing Week

This week, we celebrate National Manufacturing Week, and Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District is rich with outstanding manufacturers.

Our manufacturers create the necessary items we rely on. For example, during this outbreak, they doubled down to create masks, ventilators, and items our health care facilities needed to serve their fellow Minnesotans.


Congressman Emmer with Metal Craft Owner and Operator Trisha Mowry and participants of his Young Women’s Leadership Program in 2019.

One outstanding manufacturing facility in our community is Metal Craft in Elk River. I have hosted my annual Young Women’s Leadership Program there. Metal Craft is owned by Trisha Mowry - her business specializes in medical and surgical instrument manufacturing. This small business provides a vital service to our medical device industry, and the patients who benefit.

Businesses like Metal Craft keep our nation’s economy moving and growing. I am grateful to represent a community that is the home to some of Minnesota’s best manufacturing companies.

Minnesotans are hardworking people and they deserve a strong state economy to provide jobs and prosperity. I will continue to emphasize the value of manufacturing-friendly policies because they are critical to central Minnesota.

Leading on FinTech

Last week, I hosted a hearing of the Task Force on Financial Technology. As the Ranking Member, I called for the creation of a Subcommittee on the House Financial Services Committee dedicated to examining and supporting new financial technologies.

Click here to watch my opening remarks!


Fintech stands to create tremendous opportunities for a stronger financial future for millions previously excluded by our system. This virtual hearing focused on the importance of simplifying regulations and promoting clarity to ensure Americans can utilize new technologies to improve their financial future. Watch here!

Our Angels in Adoption Honorees

This morning, I had the honor of talking to a special family in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, Markus, Sarah and Olivia Yager.


The Yagers are our 2020 Angels in Adoption honorees. Each year, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) selects families across the nation who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of children in need of permanent, loving, forever homes. The Yagers are being honored this year for their enduring fight and endless sacrifices to adopt their daughter, Olivia. They deserve this outstanding recognition.

Markus and Sarah Yager started their adoption process in 2017, a year and a half later they were matched with their daughter, Olivia. Early in May of 2019, they went to meet and formally adopt their daughter. During their time in Nigeria, they had some paperwork delays, and after two weeks, Markus had to return to the United States for work, leaving Sarah and Olivia behind to finalize the adoption process.

They navigated the Nigerian adoption system for months, paying fees, travel expenses, and making many sacrifices, but through their faith in Christ, they endured. Shortly before Thanksgiving in November of 2019, their family became complete and they all traveled home.


Markus, Sarah, and Olivia Yager.

My office is equipped to assist individuals with foreign adoptions. If you are in need of assistance, please contact my casework team or call my district office at 763-241-6848.

Until next week, if you are in need of assistance or would like to share your thoughts with me, please write me an e-mail here.

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