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Dear Friend,

While many of us may have enjoyed the extra day off from work or dusted off the grill yesterday, I hope that you were able to take the time to honor the lives of the men and women who accepted the call of duty, and paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation.

I took a few moments to share my thoughts about Memorial Day. Watch my video here.



ICYMI: I also joined Tom Lyons on Minnesota Military Radio for his annual Memorial Day special episode to share what Memorial Day means to me. Listen here

Ensuring Access to Mental Health Care:

Our mental health is important, now more than ever. Last week, I sent a letter to Congressional leadership asking that the expanded mental telehealth care provisions provided during the COVID-19 pandemic be reviewed so that they can potentially be implemented permanently.

As important as our physical health, mental health policies have been a priority of mine since joining Congress. In addition to extending mental telehealth care provisions, I also sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging reforms to the Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion be included in the next COVID-19 response package. The IMD exclusion is an arbitrary cap on reimbursement for inpatient mental health care that limits proper treatment in our communities

Specifically, I advocated for the inclusion of H.R. 5006, the Expanding Access to Inpatient Mental Health Act. Removing unnecessary limits to treating mental health issues will expand access to these vital services, and help to combat the stigma surrounding mental health.

Thank you, Grocers! 

Last week, I spoke with members of the Minnesota Grocers Association to provide a federal update on what Congress is working on to support them as they support families across the nation by keeping their stores open and stocked. 

I will continue to advocate for protections for these institutions and their employees. They have been a vital resource to our nation during this pandemic, and we will be forever grateful. 


To The Class of 2020...

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to members of Becker High School’s Class of 2020. While they may not be graduating in the way they imagined, I was so impressed by their maturity through this unprecedented situation. With their drive, ambition and civically engaged mindsets, these seniors will be ready for anything that comes their way in their next chapters. To the Class of 2020, I wish you the best in your endeavors and know you will emerge as the future leaders of our nation! 


Apply for CFAP Aid Now! 

Last week, President Trump gave an address at the White House where he provided details on the United States Department of Agriculture’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. You can watch his remarks here

Beginning today, May 26, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency will be accepting applications from agricultural producers who have suffered losses. Contact your local FSA office for further assistance! 


Advocating for Youth Sports

As a father of seven, and a former hockey coach, I have seen the incredible impact youth sports can have in the development of our children. It has been heartbreaking to watch so many Minnesotans unable to participate in spring sports, and understand the especially devastating impact COVID has had on the seniors who missed their last season of games and matches.

I wrote to Congressional leadership to request further funding for the Paycheck Protection Program to support institutions that allow for the flourishing of youth sports. They have been dramatically disrupted by this crisis; and as a result, many organizations will be closed permanently or face bankruptcy unless they receive financial assistance. Countless lives have been changed by youth sports, and they’ll be needed long after this crisis subsides.  

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