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Thanksgiving signifies a day of gratitude for Americans. A day to spend with family, eating and remembering all that we have to be thankful for. However, on an important day like that, it's important to remember that without the farmers and ranchers who produce our food, these meals we share would not be possible. 

Farming is a way of life in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Minnesota uses over half its land for agriculture production, and is the 5th largest agriculture-producing state in the nation. Our state ranks number one in production for sugar beets and turkeys, second in wild rice and hogs, third in wheat and oats, meat animals and soybeans, and fourth in corn.


Congressman Emmer speaking at the Minnesota Farm Bureau's annual meeting celebrating the Bureau’s 100th anniversary. 

Recently, I spoke to our ag communities at both the Farm Bureau and Farmers Union annual meetings. I shared with them what Congress and the Administration is doing to help them keep our grocery stores full and our children nourished. They feed, clothe and fuel the world as we know it. 

  • In the Farm Bill last Congress, we were able to achieve affordable coverage levels for the new Dairy Margin Coverage program which permits all dairy producers to ensure higher margins on their first tier of production.
  • Congress also expanded access to additional risk management tools, allowing producers to participate in the Livestock Gross Margin insurance program. Producers are able to reduce their costs by receiving a 25-percent discount on their premiums if they lock in their coverage for the full five years.
  • The White House recently announced a new trade agreement with Japan which will reduce tariffs on more than $2.9 billion dollars’ worth of U.S. beef and pork. This deal will also immediately eliminate an additional $1.3 billion in Japanese tariffs on a litany of U.S. horticultural imports, and phase out another $3 billion worth of Japanese tariffs on products such as ethanol, frozen poultry and processed pork.
  • Current negotiations on trade between the Administration and China are ongoing. I am hopeful Phase 1 of a deal is imminent, specifically as it relates to agriculture exports. While it’s necessary for us to hold China accountable, our farmers have unfortunately been caught in the cross-hairs.
  • The Farm Bill also included my STRESS Act, which would reauthorize the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network. This program will ensure more mental health services are available to those in rural communities and the agriculture industry. This network received full funding in the House FY20 Ag appropriations bill - the first $2 million of which was disbursed last month, with $450,000 going towards a partnership between the Iowa and University of Minnesota extensions.

Our farmers and ranchers work long days, long nights, and long seasons to make sure that our food supply is safe, affordable, and plentiful. On days like Thanksgiving, and every other day, they deserve our gratitude.

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