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Yesterday, I had the honor of addressing a group of veterans, students and community members at Blaine High School’s Veterans Day program. The thousands of men and women throughout history who freely took an oath to defend our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic deserve to be honored.

Those brave individuals - our veterans - have carried out dangerous but important missions that provided for our way of life and the stability of the world as we know it.

It is wonderful to celebrate our nation’s veterans on Veterans Day - it is also important to celebrate our veterans each and every day. By thanking those who have served, you acknowledge the months spent away from home, away from family, and often, the months spent in harm’s way.


Congressman Emmer speaking at the Blaine Veterans Day program.

In Congress, I have a responsibility to defend our defenders and make sure our veterans and their families are afforded the services, support, and facilities that they have earned. Issues like veteran unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, and suicide are all very real problems for thousands of veterans around the nation and right here in Minnesota.  

Minnesota remains a nationwide leader in addressing veteran homelessness, but there is a lot I'm doing in Washington to address veterans' issues nationwide.

Important legislation like the Sgt Brandon Ketchum Never Again Act – which seeks to improve and localize the delivery of mental health care for our veterans – is working its way through the House of Representatives and will ultimately help reduce the number of veteran deaths by suicide that occur every day.

I am also a co-sponsor of the WINGMAN Act which will streamline the congressional casework assistance process for veterans, making it easier for a veteran to work with offices like mine when they are trying to recover lost records, file a disability claim, or engage with the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you need casework assistance, visit my website.

But while policy solutions may sometimes seem like the only solutions to these issues, I want to remind everyone to never underestimate the impact that a simple “thank you” can have.

On behalf of my fellow Minnesotans, I want to say thank you to all who currently serve or have served in our armed forces. I am grateful for your sacrifices to protect our nation. Thank you for upholding and fighting for our freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. 


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