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After two weeks in Washington, it's great to be back home in Minnesota. On Friday, I made it home in time to see the Delano Tigers advance to the State Quarterfinals! My youngest son Johnny is a senior this year - so my wife Jacquie and I are soaking up the Friday night lights while we still can.

By the way - If you're in Waconia tonight, stop by my town hall! For more information, visit my website here

Although I’m traveling around the district this week, my staff and I have our sights set on the litany of important deadlines that Congress must address in just a few short weeks. Number one on that list is funding for the federal government, which expires on November 21st. 

Since coming to Congress, curtailing our growing national debt has and remains a top concern of mine. I have cosponsored bills to balance our budget and opposed reckless spending and debt measures, but more must be done to correct the fiscal course of our country. Instead of finding a solution to this increasingly dire situation, Congress tends to kick the can down the road. Americans don't have that luxury, and neither should their government. I am hopeful that, in the days ahead, my colleagues and I can pass a government funding bill with tangible reforms to control spending and reduce our national debt. 

That’s just the beginning of it though! There are a number of additional deadlines that Congress faces before the end of the year. None are more important to Minnesotans than the medical device tax, which is set to take effect on January 1, 2020. Minnesota is home to over 700 medical device companies and employs more than 21,000 Minnesotans. When the tax went into effect in 2013, more than 25 percent of the tax was paid for by Minnesota businesses. This tax stifles innovation and has the potential to kill jobs for many Minnesotans, it must be repealed! 

There are several other issues that must be addressed before the end of 2019:

  • The National Flood Insurance Program, which has been crucial due to recent flooding in Minnesota, expires on November 21 (I’ve already supported a five-year extension of the NFIP);
  • The Health Insurance Tax, which is a direct tax on health insurance policies, is set to take effect on January 1, 2020;
  • The Violence Against Women Act, which has provided vital support to Minnesota, including those in the Sixth District, has already expired (click here to see my work on the Abby Honold Act); and
  • Finally, it is also time for a 21st Century trade deal. The United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a major win for Minnesota's farmers, ranchers, business owners, and manufacturers. Our trading partners have already begun to ratify this agreement - it's time we act now.

As we approach the holiday season and a new year, resolving these deadlines is crucial to ensuring continued economic growth and opportunity. I hope my colleagues will work together to address these important issues. The American people are counting on us, and I am committed to addressing the priorities you have entrusted me with. 

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