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During my time in Congress, I have been committed to improving the lives of Minnesotans. I believe our government should serve you, not hinder your ability to pursue your version of the American dream. One of the many industries attempting to serve others is the medical device community. 

Minnesota is a bedrock for medical technology and innovation. These companies work every day to provide critical research for life-saving devices. The medical device industry is also a vital component of Minnesota’s economy. That is why I am committed to repealing the medical device tax.

The Department of Commerce has estimated that following the implementation of the medical device tax, the industry lost nearly 29,000 jobs. This 2.8% excise tax - mandated by Obamacare - is set to go into effect at the end of this year and will stifle Minnesota innovation and kill jobs across the state. It is imperative that we take the steps necessary to prevent further damage.


Congressman Emmer learning about Medtronic's Continuous Glucose Monitoring device during their display in Washington, D.C. 

That is why I am leading a Minnesota delegation letter to House leadership urging immediate action to stop this tax on the Minnesota medical community. We must seek a permanent repeal so that we provide certainty and increased investment to keep Minnesota a leader in medical innovation.

Throughout my time in Washington, I have been proud to support numerous bills that would repeal the medical device tax. In the 116th Congress, I am a cosponsor of the Protect Medical Innovation Act, which would repeal the medical device tax entirely. I also recently introduced The Medical Innovation Never Stops Act, which would allow the FDA to continue processing new device applications and associated user fees - which are paid entirely by the applicant, not the government - during a lapse in appropriations. This would ensure that medical devices awaiting approval in the review process can continue to move forward in a timely manner and the pipeline of new treatments can continue to be accessed by patients in need.

Patients deserve access to life-saving devices, and companies dedicated to providing these innovations should not have their hands tied by the government's desire to tax innovation. Putting the discovery of new breakthrough technologies at risk only hurts patients all around the country. Common-sense legislation can address these issues, and allow for devices to reach patients in need. 

I will continue to fight to end this tax on medical devices and work to improve the lives of all Minnesotans.

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