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It’s another week at home in Minnesota's Sixth, and I've had a great time visiting constituents from all around the district. In particular, I want to highlight the importance of small businesses and the growth I’ve noticed as I’ve made the rounds during the August work period. As we enjoy historic levels of growth due to a simpler tax code and reduced regulations, business and consumer optimism is at an all-time high! In turn, small businesses currently in operation - or entrepreneurs looking to get their start – are taking this opportunity to invest in their dream and create new jobs and a more dynamic Minnesota economy right here at home!

Recently, I toured Rustech Brewery in Monticello, where I saw first-hand a thriving new business. Rustech’s operation is small, but there is plenty of room and excitement to grow proving that small businesses are truly the lifeblood of our local economy. When business owners decide to take a risk risk, utilize their community bank or credit union for a loan, and embark on the journey of becoming a job creator, they channel core values of the American spirit: hard work, persistence, and self-reliance. And as a home brewer, I learned a lot of tips and tricks too!


Congressman Emmer touring Rustech Brewing in Monticello, Minnesota. 

In order to help Minnesotans turn their financial dreams and business ideas into reality, I have focused on serving middle class Americans and pushing for the continued growth and prosperity of Main Street in Congress. Legislation like my Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act (HMDAA), and the Keeping Capital Local for Underserved Communities Act - which were both signed into law – simplifies regulation and reduces unnecessary reporting compliance costs. These bills were efforts created with Minnesotans in mind: a recent college graduate applying for their first car loan to get to and from a new job; the young couple looking for the credit they need to purchase their first home; and critically, the entrepreneur applying for a loan to start her own business.

Small businesses are essential to main streets all across Minnesota. That is why I also introduced the Main Street Growth Act, which enables access to capital for new ventures seeking to become the next major employer and staple of our community.

My goal is to pave the way for more opportunities for Minnesotans to finance their American Dream.


Congressman Emmer hosting his annual Young Women Leadership Program at Metal Craft in Elk River, Minnesota. 

Small businesses also make great educational partners to help groom the next generation of entrepreneur business owners. That is why I was pleased to partner with Metal Craft in Elk River for my annual Young Women Leadership Program. This event is hosted by women-owned or women-run businesses and provides a panel for high school aged young women to learn and engage with incredible female leaders in Minnesota. Metal Craft is owned by Trisha Mowry - she graciously opened her doors for our program and shared what her incredible facility does. Her business specializes in medical and surgical Instrument manufacturing. This small business provides a vital service to our medical device industry, and the patients who benefit. 

Small businesses should be able to focus on growth, not regulation. Businesses like Metal Craft and Rustech benefit from being able to offer expanded benefits to their employees. That is why I was pleased to send a letter to the Administration thanking them for their actions to expand Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), which provide tax free health care benefits for employees of small businesses, increasing flexibility and choice when offering health insurance for employees. I also co-sponsored H.R. 2207, the Protect Medical Innovation Act, which would repeal the burdensome Medical Device Tax which stifles innovation and growth. No state is hit as hard by this innovation-suppressing tax than Minnesota.

I will continue to support small business growth and access for individuals trying to build their version of the American Dream. To keep up with what we're doing, follow me on Twitter and Facebook! I hope to see many of you at my town hall in St. Cloud tomorrow. 


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