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During my time in Congress, I have made it a priority to ensure that Americans receive the resources and care they deserve. Health care should be affordable and personalized for each individual and family, and Republicans have proposed several nonpartisan solutions to improve access to care.

While Obamacare has been marred with errors and failures since its inception, it is time to move past partisan bickering and focus on solutions to the issues that have impacted the lives and health of Minnesotans and Americans. It's time to stop ignoring the major problems happening in health care right now that reduce competition, lead to higher costs, and lower access to care.

Just recently, I cosponsored an amendment to protect coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions. In addition, I am a proud cosponsor of H.R. 692, the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act. This bill and amendment would prohibit denial of health coverage simply due to pre-existing conditions. This is a simple, nonpartisan solution to maintaining health care coverage.

Unfortunately, House leadership rejected this amendment on partisan lines. Despite this, Members of Congress should work together to establish standards of care that everyone can agree on.

I also recently voted for the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act. This bill would repeal the excise tax on high value employer-sponsored health care coverage, also known as the “Cadillac Tax.” This 40 percent excise tax unnecessarily shifts health care costs to employees and their families.

In addition to the Cadillac Tax, we can find common ground to repeal the medical device tax as well and the health insurance tax – taxes that disproportionately harm Minnesotans and our medical industries. These are all small, nonpartisan fixes to our current health care system.

Families across America are struggling with the cost of health care and some are forgoing medical care because they cannot afford it. These solutions ensure that employers can do the right thing and provide high value health insurance to their employees.

I will continue to work toward meaningful steps in improving health care and ensuring access to care is available to all who need it. I am committed to working with anyone willing to offer fresh and sensible ideas. Now is the time to work together, regardless of political party, to find a solution to providing access to quality health care, and choice for all Americans.


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