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As the 116th Congress kicked off, my goal was to host as many town halls as the legislative calendar allowed. During the first six months of 2019, we’ve held eight successful town halls. These meetings remain the best way to see you face to face and hear your top priorities and concerns. I always look forward to this opportunity to spend time in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. For those of you who could not attend, here are some highlights from Friday's town hall. Hope to see you at the next one! 


Congressman Emmer hosting his 8th town hall of the year in Sauk Rapids, MN. 

ICYMI: Top 3 Town Hall Takeaways:

On Health Care:

  • “We are trying to bring health care back to the states. We were actually doing pretty well in the state of Minnesota before the Affordable Care Act. We had 94 to 96 percent of our population insured under some form of health insurance and we covered pre-existing conditions.”
  • “Everyone talks about repealing the Affordable Care Act. It was collapsing in on itself. Republicans were trying to preserve the essential benefits and return health care back to the states while ensuring each state was not seeing disparities between the essential benefits provided.”
On Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals:
  • “On the recent vote on a bill for dreamers, I voted no.”
  • “This version of the bill stops our agencies from sharing important information on the people that are either here looking to stay or people that are entering. Specifically, the gang related databases - it stops these agencies from sharing information back and forth. That won’t work.”
  • “There’s other reasons as well, I think everybody agrees that this has to be resolved, and quite frankly, in my mind, it should have been resolved between the election and the end of the year. We missed a great opportunity to get it done. There are people who want to play politics with this issue instead of addressing it and getting it resolved.”   
On the STRESS Act:
  • “I knew that our military veterans were experiencing higher rates of suicide. I knew there was a mental health crisis at different levels throughout the nation, but I wasn’t aware that suicide in rural America is almost 5 times the national average.”
  • “The farm family is a tough group. They don’t ask for a lot. When the economy goes bad, or their harvest doesn’t yield, they aren’t in control of a lot of the things happening, and they take it personally because of the isolation of rural life, because of their connection to the land, because of all of these reasons, they struggle sometimes.”
  • "There was an attempt to deal with this – an attempt to create some pilot programs around the country – to see how we could have better outreach on mental health issues in rural communities.”
  • “The funding was never there, and the programs expired. I introduced the STRESS Act and included it in the Farm Bill, and this program is receiving funding.” 

To stay up to date on information about future town halls, follow me on Twitter and Facebook! There’s still time to register for the Senior Forum on Friday in St. Michael, register here, or call my district office at 763-241-6848 for more information.

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