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Trade is a key part of our national and regional economy. This past week, I joined Deputy Assistant Secretary, Rich Steffens, at a roundtable event hosted by the International Trade Administration (ITA) to discuss the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). We were joined by local business owners who represented a variety of industries vital to trade in our region.

Congressman Emmer joins Acting Secretary Rich Steffens and local business leaders to discuss trade in Minneapolis, MN.

Trade is also a key part of Minnesota’s economy, supporting jobs and economic strength to our district. Minnesota’s direct trade with Mexico has increased tremendously, exporting $2.4 billion in goods annually. Canada and Mexico together are where a substantial amount of our state’s exports go. The USMCA works toward strengthening trade with Canada, our largest trading partner, bringing $13.1 billion annually to Minnesota. As we continue to work to lessen the burden of federal regulations, I look forward to passing the USMCA and working closely with the industry partners who benefit from access to trade. 

I will continue to work towards maintaining and strengthening our regional trade industry, and plan to work closely with the ITA. The ITA works to maintain fair international trade law while promoting investment. Their work remains crucial to safeguarding Minnesota’s exports and protecting small businesses.

Congressman Emmer accepts the 115th Congress Spirit of Enterprise Award from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Our nation is built on the innovations and products we produce. Our ability to get American-made goods around the world is vital. We can improve our current trade relationship with Mexico and Canada, and I look forward to continuing our economic partnership. For the top two drivers of the economy in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District – agriculture and manufacturing – trade is crucial to the success of our local business. I am positive that the new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada will serve our trading partners well for generations to come. 



Don’t forget to join me this evening, Tuesday, April 23rd, for a Town Hall. It will be begin at 7PM at the Becker City Hall. I look forward to seeing you there! 

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