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With historic snow falls this year, the risk of flooding across Minnesota this spring is inevitable. Some of you may already be experiencing flooding as temperatures rise and the snow melts, like the beloved Anton's Restaurant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We all must be prepared to respond to the flooding. 

To prepare for flooding that may be on its way, please visit here for readiness tips. 

To respond, please visit here to learn how to stay safe during flooding! 

To recover, please proceed with caution before re-entering your homes. Visit here for more information. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns that you need to investigate for any damage to your home that may cause you harm. Before you begin repairing the damage, please do the following: 

  • Take pictures to fully document the damage for your insurer.
  • Protect your hygiene by testing your home for sewage or household chemicals. Please wear rubber gloves when cleaning out your home. 
  • Contact your insurance company. The National Flood Insurance Program operates through private insurance companies. Please note: Groundwater flood damage typically is not covered by homeowners insurance policies, your insurer will have to determine the cause of the flood and the extent of your coverage.

For farmers and ranchers experiencing flooding, please find resources regarding emergency loans here. If you are experiencing a loss of livestock, please visit here. For loss of non-insured crops, please visit here

I hope these resources serve you in your times of need. As always, my office stands ready and willing to do what we can. Give us a call at 763-241-6848 or write to me here for assistance. 


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