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Last week, I reintroduced a very important piece of legislation, inspired by Abby Honold, a fellow Minnesotan and former University of Minnesota student. 

The Abby Honold Act, which I first introduced last Congress, will help law enforcement investigate sexual assault cases, and improve care and treatment for victims.

Congressman Emmer meeting with Abby Honold and nurse, Linda Walther to discuss the Abby Honold Act. 

When Abby reported her rape to police in 2014, the trauma she experienced prevented her brain from recalling important details about the crime that occurred - ones which would have immediately led to the prosecution of the perpetrator.

Abby was taken to the hospital and cared for by a nurse who was trained to use a trauma-informed interviewing method. Through her nurse’s compassion and expertise, Abby was able to recall important details which ultimately aided in the investigation of her case and led to the successful prosecution of her perpetrator.

The Abby Honold Act will utilize existing funds to train law enforcement agencies in evidence-based, trauma-informed interview techniques to prevent re-traumatization of victims, improve communication between victims and law enforcement, and ensure accurate and complete information is submitted to law enforcement.

Sexual assault is a serious crimeand it is vital for law enforcement to have accurate and complete information to prosecute perpetrators 

Inspired by her story, I worked with Senator Klobuchar to introduce the Abby Honold Act in both chambers of Congress during the 115th Congress. I am proud to reintroduce this legislation during the 116th Congress.

Abby’s story happened in the heart of Minnesota, and so many more just like her do not get the justice they deserve.

As a Member of Congress, an attorney, and the father of a daughter, I will strive to do everything I can to see that sexual violence is prosecuted like the heinous crime it is.  


Read the full text of the Abby Honold Act here.

Read more about the Abby Honold Act here.

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