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Today, I want to take a moment to acknowledge our nation’s entrepreneurs. The ones who take a risk, blaze a trail, and create a new path forward for all of us. Without notable Minnesota entrepreneurs and innovators, we wouldn't have new breakthroughs and industries that improve American's way of life. 

Minnesotans are known for blazing trails: without Earl Bakken, the world would not have the pacemaker or Medtronic, which continues to create life-saving devices to this day. Our world would not be as bright and hopeful without the innovators and risk-takers, who commit to adding something they think will make their community, and the world, a better place. Without those Minnesotans, we would not have Target, Sears, Honeywell, General Mills, or even Milky Way candy bars! The list continues and the legacy of Minnesota's entrepreneurial spirit carries on today.  

I always have the people of Minnesota in mind: the recent college graduate applying for his first car loan to get to and from his new job; the young couple looking for the credit they needed to purchase their first home; the entrepreneur applying for a loan to start her own business. These people, unburdened by regulation, should be able to financially prosper and become the entrepreneurs that change the world. Sometimes, all they need to start is a loan.  

Congress has been working hard to create a framework that sets us on a pathway to a healthier economy. For the young entrepreneur to the single mother working two jobs to put food on the table, we have to seize this moment and empower our greatest asset: the American citizen. I am honored to serve you all in Congress representing Minnesota's Sixth District for that very reason.   

My mission on the Financial Services Committee has been to empower the individuals in our nation that want to invest in their dreams. They make America better, and I have done my best to support them. I was honored to attend the White House Signing Ceremony for the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act when it was signed into law. This legislation included my Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act (HMDAA) which eliminates burdensome compliance regulations imposed on small financial institutions by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), who in 2015 issued a rule requiring lenders to report more than double the data previously required. 

Americans want the opportunity to achieve the American dream - to own a home, buy a car, or start a business. The passage of my Home Mortgage Disclosure Adjustment Act provided relief for these institutions to help make that happen. On National Entrepreneurs Day, I want to thank all of the risk-takers, innovators, and trailblazers, big and small, for doing what you can to push our nation forward.  


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