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National Adoption Month always reminds me of Eida, a young girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo who was adopted by Justine from Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District.

After running into issues with an adoption freeze and no exit visas, Justine turned to our caseworkers in Otsego to help bring Eida home. Our team did just that. Eida’s adoption was finalized and Justine was able to welcome Eida home to Minnesota. When the family stopped by our office it was a special moment for everyone.

(From left to right) Justine, Eida and Barbara Harper, our caseworker who helped bring Eida home.

Knowing that our team has helped bring families together brings me incredible joy, especially with seven kids of my own. At the end of the day, Jacquie and I know that is what it really is all about: family.

I know not every American enjoys the same good fortune. So many couples and children long for the blessing Jacquie and I have. Today over 117,000 children in the U.S. patiently wait in our foster care system for a family of their own.

During National Adoption Month, you can help raise awareness about adoption, specifically those kids in foster care waiting for a permanent and loving family. Mark your calendar for National Adoption Day, November 17, and click here for information about events, adoption resources and ways to get involved.


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