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Dear Friend, 

Being back home in Minnesota reminds me of the reason why I chose to go to Washington, D.C. in the first place: to bring Midwest values to our nation’s capital. Minnesotans value community, economic prosperity and a strong work ethic and I am honored to represent those values in Congress. 

This month, I’ve enjoyed my time in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, reconnecting with constituents who always give me a renewed sense of hope for the future. When I tour a new business, visit our elderly to hear their wisdom, or participate in a groundbreaking for a new endeavor, I am reminded that we are a strong and capable group of people, as Minnesotans, and as Americas, we never give up. 

I look forward to spending a few more weeks in Minnesota before heading back to Washington with more fervor and drive than ever to serve Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. Below, I shared some highlights from my travels around the district! If you would like me to visit you next, click here

Congressman Emmer participating in a groundbreaking for the Interstate 94 expansion project.

In April, I wrote to Commissioner Zelle expressing my strong support for completion of the capacity expansion project, particularly Phase 2 from St. Michael to Albertville.

When it was announced in May that this project would receive funding as part of the Corridors of Commerce program I was ecstatic. This project targets one of I-94’s worst bottlenecks, which happens to have the highest rate and severity of crashes than anywhere else along I-94! It was great to break ground on this exciting expansion! 

Congressman Emmer touring Yeager Machine, Inc. in Norwood Young America, MN.

I attended the Highway 212 Safety Coalition meeting to hear from business owners that have trucks that travel along Highway 212 and have been concerned about the safety of their drivers and the economic impact of the highway on their business. 

The employees at Yeager Machine expressed those very concerns, which is why I have written several letters of support for the expansion of Highway 212. After years of advocacy, Highway 212 received a Minnesota Highway Freight Program grant for “Freight Bottleneck Improvements.” We are one-step closer to making Highway 212 safer for all Minnesotans thanks to all who are invested in this project. 

Congressman Emmer learning about Mighty Axe Hops in Foley, MN.

It was great to get back to Mighty Axe Hops, Minnesota’s largest hop farm, run by some of Minnesota’s greatest Young Farmers, Eric Sannerud and Ben Boo. I’ve enjoyed working with them throughout the years, especially with their work to develop the next generation of farmers with the National Young Farmers Coalition. 

Congressman Emmer talking with Kelsey Schultz, Executive Director of Arbor Oaks Senior Living in Andover, MN.

During my visit to Arbor Oaks, I learned of the staffing challenges that long-term care providers face. In addition, Kelsey Schultz, the Executive Director of Arbor Oaks Senior Living, and I discussed the ongoing concerns of the backlog of elder abuse claims that were plaguing our state just last year. We were both relieved that the backlog is finally cleared, and our senior citizens are being cared for in the way they deserve. I am encouraged to know caring individuals like Kelsey look out for our state’s seniors! 

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